Now that I’m taking a back seat on the writing front (I’m writing as Sian Glirdan for the fantasy genre from now on… 😉 ) the emphasis on this blog is shifting towards indie author support and promotion.

So – a new area is called for and this page will act as HQ for various posts, videos and other material aimed at helping independent writers and publishers achieve their goals, or just provide a friendly voice. We’ll start modestly, but will be growing continuously… 🙂


Rave Reviews Book Club

Do yourself a favour (whether you’re a reader or a writer, indie or not) and take a look at this supportive community. RRBC is about much more than book reviews although that’s its central pillar. It’s also about support and promotion of indie-written books, online radio interviews, competitions, blog tours and much, much more!


A Short 577 Year History of Self Publishing (by Jan Hawke)

View here or on YouTube:~ Take a walk with me through history and visit with some famous and influential writers, for their take on writing and life in general, for themselves and others – without the middlemen!



DreamWorlds Publishing video trailer

View here or on YouTube:~ A short look at how DreamWorlds Publishing helps indie writers and publishers to bring their works onto the global stage and to new readers.


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