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Everyone judges a book by its cover

stack of booksWhen I published my first novel, I was so excited to get it into hands of my would-be readers that I decided to put together a cover all on my own. I thought I did a good job, and I probably did. I’m not too shabby with Photoshop and I used elements pulled from the story. The problem is, I’m not a professional in that field. It’s not what I do on a daily basis.

Next, I decided to spend a little bit of money and get a pre-made cover. I looked at a few different sites and chose one that almost fit my story. I spent my $40 dollars and had my title and name slapped on the cover. It really wasn’t too bad and most people liked it. After all, I’m my own worst critic.
After a few months, I started to not like it. I didn’t like the color of the font used after all, or the way the female model’s expression… or the color of the background. It didn’t really portray what I wanted to for my story. In the end, it wasn’t a good fit.

That’s when I contacted professionals. I did my research and I like their philosophy. If I’m not happy, they aren’t happy. It will take a little while to get my new (and third!) cover back, but it will be right. I should have stuck with my own saying, “It takes less time to do it right the first time than to do it over”. Not only that, it’s going to be less confusing for my readers who have seen multiple cover art. But this will be right for my novel!

J.A. Stinger is the author of
Generations Beyond.

Book Blurb

Hidden, buried deep within the government’s archived files of failed military experiments lays a troubling secret. For years, 1953 to 1972 to be exact, a team of doctors and scientists tried unsuccessfully to alter test subjects, hoping to build living, organic weapons for the future. Eventually the project was disbanded, labeled an abject failure – but they were wrong – it just took the passage of time and altered DNA. 


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