Jenny Hinsman

Rave Reviews Book Club is all about profiling, promoting and propelling its members and sometimes individuals get to step into the limelight for a whole day of star treatment on participating blogs. Today it’s my great pleasure and honour to present one of RRBC’s most supportive people Jenny Hinsman.

ABOUT JENNY ~ by Jenny


Jenny graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in business. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband, two sons, a furry son (pet dog) and a furry daughter (pet cat). Jenny is an avid reader and loves to escape with a great book. She is a huge animal lover and supports rescue organizations that help save all kinds of four-legged family members and more. All of her family pets have been rescues.

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ANGELAngel of Death

Friends from college, Tancy and Audrey love one another like family. They grew up in very different worlds, one poor, with absent, drug-addicted parents, the other with wealth and privilege. As roommates, they delve into the seedy world of escorts as they try to solve a cold case murder from Tancy’s childhood. Chance meetings and twists of fate alter both their lives. Romance, steamy sex and danger await the women, as everything about the murder is uncovered. Shocking details emerge that change their lives forever and reinforces the bond of true friendship.

In praise of Angel of Death (by Erik Nelson)

As a non-fan of erotica, I loved this story. Why? Because it’s not “50 Shades Of Grey” where it’s one hundred percent erotica. I’d say it’s only twenty-five percent erotica where seventy percent is mystery and the remaining five is comedy. Tancy and Audrey become college roommates and almost instantly hit it off as friends. Despite the two coming from very different backgrounds. As they find out more about each other, Audrey learns from Tancy that a murder occurred during her childhood and they take it upon themselves to find the culprit. So where does the sex fit into all of this? I know it seems unlikely but the plot definitely fits well into the sex scenes. Some of them seemed forced upon but the end result is great. Very well written, very well developed characters and as I said before, I like how the author, Jennifer Hinsman was able to combine two genres that wouldn’t go good together and actually make them work. And when or if they find the killer’s identity, let’s just say it will put Tancy and Audrey’s friendship to the test.


Souls is the unforgettable story of Ann, and the painful death of her twin sister, Celeste. Ann sets out on a quest to find the killer of her womb-mate following the subsequent death of her parents and after depression nearly kills her.
Ann finds herself in California seeking out a Hollywood producer as the perpetrator and while there finds her soul coming back to life when she meets a young actor, Tyler Peters. She cringes at the idea of dating someone younger and becoming a ‘cougar’, but she may be able to use him for his Hollywood connections. An astonishing electricity between the two turns to a passionate and deep love that is tested by an unpredictable twist that comes when Ann figures out who is behind her sister’s death.

Praise for Souls: A Novel (by Carol Marrs Phipps)

Souls:A Novel by J.A. Hinsman is a touching tale of loss and grief, revenge and forgiveness, and of finally learning to let go and love again. It is also a wonderful romantic story, with a delightful blend of mystery, suspense and paranormal elements. In addition, the novel contained enough twists and surprises throughout, that it kept me thoroughly entertained and turning pages.
Ms Hinsman’s debut novel is well-told. She definitely has the ability to masterfully weave a captivating plot filled with interesting and believable characters and situations which immediately grabbed and held my attention to the very end.
If you’re looking for a beautifully romantic tale with an unusual twist and multi-genre elements mixed in adding a bit of extra spice, you will love this novel by J.A. Hinsman. I certainly did, and I look forward to reading more from this talented author.
I highly recommend Souls: A Novel to all lovers of romance and anyone else who enjoys a great read.

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