Honey Boudreaux

Rave Reviews Book Club is all about profiling, promoting and propelling its members and sometimes individuals get to step into the limelight for a whole day of star treatment on participating blogs. Today it’s my great pleasure and honour to present one of RRBC’s most supportive people Honey Boudreaux,


ALWAYS BUSY! Busy, busy Honey-bug. I am a mom to five beautiful daughters. They range in age from 32 to 14; which is why I’ve managed to keep up with the YA world. Fo’ shizzle!!—(just kiddin)  Trying to find a balance with volunteering at the high school where my youngest daughters attend; working and spending time with my grandbugs has kept my life a constant whirlwind.I have lived in Southern Louisiana all of my life.  Living in a city right outside of New Orleans had gotten old.  Moving with my youngest two, to the small town of Abita Springs a little calm was brought to our lives.  We have lived here for a little more than 10 years and have grown to love the small town living.  The older three?  Yeah, they followed us!  Their families in tow, we are all within minutes of each other. (I know—they never go away!)  Gotta luv ’em!!  I know I do.Eventually, I found time for myself and the nagging voices locked inside the vault in my mind.  With several ideas swirling around, the most persistent voices won!  I would like to introduce you to my very frist YA Novel:  Fool Me Once. Now, I have completed book 2!!! Go me! Enter Eternity took me travelling to places I never thought I could go and I must say — it was a ride I didn’t want to get off — may be back on it again soon! *hint* *hint*

(all descriptions can be found on the individual Amazon pages)

Fool Me Once
Being a Dreamer has its perks; unfortunately, Shelby is having one dream too many about people meeting their tragic end. She is not alone. Since childhood, Shelby and Tristan have been frequent characters in each others’ subconscious world but have never met, until now.

Shelby catches sight of her familiar visitor in the halls of their school and realizes he is more than just a player in her visions. She is determined to warn Tristan of his impending doom, even if it means he’ll thinks she is insane. Before she has an opportunity to approach him, though, Tristan introduces himself and shares some unsettling news: He is also a Dreamer and it is Shelby’s lifeless body he sees in his dreams.
Shelby and Tristan should have died. What they see as a gift, Death sees as interference with fate. Despite keeping their gift hidden, one figure has taken notice. Death intends to stop them from meddling with the fate of others… permanently.
Death is now their shared nemesis. Eluding Death’s fatal designs will take vigilance, wit and the insight of their prophetic dreams. Even with the ability to see the enemy’s master plan, it may not be enough if Death throws in a twist, unless Shelby comes up with a twist of her own. Would it be enough to win round two? Sometimes you can cheat Death.

Enter Eternity
A rogue wave, a struggling swimmer — Jillian goes to help. It could be the last thing she does… in this realm. As doctors struggle to save her, she takes her own journey, choosing to open that door and walk through to another time. She sees herself as Hotohke’e,a Native American, getting married, raising her family, then dying from disease that was unknown to her people. On her death, she passes through more doors, more lives, struggling to hide her family from the sadistic monsters who rule over the future realm; servicing her master in one way and his children in another as they, too, die. Each door reveals another skin Jillian once wore, another time she once experienced — England and France in the time of Henry the Eighth, Germany during the second world war, and even purgatory, unwillingly doing the will of a supreme commander. Will she linger too long at one of these lives, or is she off to find a new one to live?

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