Rave Reviews Book Club is all about profiling, promoting and propelling its members and sometimes individuals get to step into the limelight for a whole day of star treatment on participating blogs. It’s a really neat and thoughtful process and Paying it Forward can be done for all kinds of reason – like a thank you to people who’re hosting a Blog Tour for you! 🙂 So, as I’m currently ‘on the road’ with the MILELE BLOG SAFARI, today it’s my great delight to present my host for day 4, a really supportive and talented RRBC author – ERNESTINE ROSE


ern From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved words. I was an early talker. I even sang solos in church when I was four. Adopted by middle-aged parents, I spent hours entertaining myself with books and classic television. I had a love for old movies that inspired my fascination with a good story, whether it is in a book, told by a competent storyteller, or acted out on stage or screen. My favorite place to go was the public library where I could get lost for hours. I traveled there on the bus from the age of twelve with a big bag of books to exchange and devour when I got home. To this day, I still travel to the library with a big bag of books. Having a Kindle with plenty of downloads has lessened my load.

When I was in eighth grade,  I saw my niece, Viola Ann, who was four years older,  star as Eliza Doolittle in an all-Black version of My Fair Lady, and I fell in love with the theater.  I couldn’t wait to get to high school so I could join the drama club.  And I did. I was in a few plays, and even more talent shows, and  I developed a passion for modern dance as well. I loved to be at school for any reason because there were people around and things to do. When I was home, I read. Books were my company. I read novels, plays, and short stories.  An English anthology was a gold mine to me, and I often carried on one-on-one conversations with my teachers in class because I was the only one who had read the assignment. Since the first book club I joined over twenty years ago, I write down the names of the books I’ve read. Someday I’ll add them all up.


(all descriptions from Amazon)

treeTales from the Family Tree
is a collection of stories that deal with family life, everything from family ties to family conflicts. The characters cross race, time, and geography as they struggle to survive and find their way into each others’ hearts. These ten stories will have you laughing one minute and crying the next as you journey through themes ranging from birth and adoption to aging and death.You will find many of these experiences relevant to your own family tree, and you may come away with a deeper respect for your own family relationships and traditions. This is truly a family affair, a downright real “family thang.”

 rosesRaising the Roses: A Family Affair Book – raising a family is often challenging and exasperating, especially if you’re raising four boys. The ups and downs of marriage and family life are explored on the crazy roller coaster of parenthood, riding on a constant balance between getting everybody where they need to be and managing a budget and career. From “Superwoman Is a Myth” to “The Shelf Life of Girlfriends,” you will laugh out loud at the Rose family’s challenges of raising kids in a modern world as you empathize with your own family relationships and the sound parenting advice the book offers…

marriage7 Tips for a Successful Marriage is a contemporary relationship guide to marital conflict and issues. Like many marriage help books, it offers sound marriage advice on how to solve problems that couples frequently encounter, supported by many examples of the author’s personal experience. The unique approach to the “opposites attract” theory offers both insight and humor in the best of the ” Mars. . . and Venus” tradition. The importance of choices, communication, and compromise is a recurrent theme throughout the book. It’s a “must have” for newlyweds and a ” wish I’d known” for veterans who not only want to survive as a couple, but want to achieve marriage success.

Find out much more about Ernestine and her work on

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Ernestine Rose Author

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