Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies by Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

I’m delighted and truly honoured to welcome Nigerian author and musicologist, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko here today for Day Four of her blog tour for Legend of the Walking Dead. Without further ado let me hand over to Joy to tell you more about her marvelous book.


Two months ago, I succeeded in getting my publishing house to, not only lower the cost of the Kindle edition of my book: Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies, but this was possible because I had to re-do the line edit, the copy edit,  the proof, and the format all over again. In other words, I had to redo the whole book all over again. What you are seeing in this new edition, is a completely new book. This is why I decided to re-introduce it again to you. You can also see that there is a big improvement on the cover. Here is your new, fully re-mastered, and price friendly:

Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

Excerpt from Part II

Somewhere Out There

Joy's-Book-CoverSomeone shouted. Gloria jumped out of the bed and dove beneath it, thinking that the people in the house had seen her. But the noise came from outside. She crept from her hiding place and looked through the window. A strange mix of surprise, joy and fear filled her being.

Her son, Osondu, walked backwards in the street, surrounded by a large crowd of boys and girls his age. Osondu was just fifteen years old, a second year student at the Okongwu grammar school. She last saw him in his knickers, with a bare torso, bare feet and a fishing line when he left to fish with his friends. In this new place, he looked just the same, only now his knickers stuck to his skin. An old man carrying a long, carved, ebony walking-stick topped with an ivory bird’s head walked in front of him, forcing him to walk backward. Every time Osondu tried to turn his back to the old man, the kids surrounding him shouted and groped for him.

Gloria watched in shocked silence, then decided to gamble her life for her son. She stepped outside and, knowing that no one would see her, pushed through the crowd. She suspected that if she walked backward among these people, as her son did, they would see her, so she moved forward in her normal way until she walked in front of her son. By making Osondu walk backward, he seemed like a reflection in a mirror, and these people saw him. Otherwise, they did not see him.

Osondu smiled, apparently happy that his mother had come to his rescue, but Gloria saw fear in his eyes. “Does this mean they can’t see you, Mom?”

She grabbed his hand. “We must leave here, now.” She dragged him away from the old man, spun him around and pushed him forward, hoping her son’s image would disappear from their sight, and it did.

The old man and the boys stopped walking and looked around with puzzled faces. They reached out and searched with their hands, trying to find him.

Gloria pulled her son through the crowd. He turned back for a moment to look at the old man, and someone shouted, “Ereht.”

The crowd surged towards them.

“Turn around,” Gloria hissed in a low voice, though the people couldn’t hear her. “You have to walk forward.”

Osondu turned, and she hurried him away. “But the old man and his charm …”

“Never mind the old man; never mind his charms, just follow my lead and walk normally. Okay?” She kept moving forward, but risked a quick glance back. The crowd had slowed, but still moved in their direction. “Run,” she whispered.

He raced after his mother. She led him into their old house and into Gloria’s old room.

“We can’t stay here, Mom; if my younger self sees me, he’ll freak out,” he said, his eyes glassy and wide.

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

About the Author

Author Photo

During Joy’s stay in Italy, she got her first book published.

It was also during this period that she learnt batik business. By the end of 1972, when she was returning home, Joy Nroli Nwosu had earned several diplomas in music. Some of them include Voice Diploma: Conservatorio Di Musica, Santa Cecilia, Rome, Italy; Diploma, Summa Cum Lode in Mass Communication, Specialization in Cinematography; Universita Internazionale Per I Studi Sociali, Pro-Deo, Rome, Italy; Licentiate in Music Theory: Conservatorio Di Musica, Luigi Peruggini, Florence, Italy, Voice Diploma; Conservatorio Di Music, Gioacchino Rossini, Pesaro, Italy. If the Holy Rosary Sisters and the high brow music community in Enugu were expecting to have Joy back on her return to Nigeria, they were damn wrong. Before then, her fame had grown across nations.

She has been featuring in several international media as another wonder from the shores of Nigeria. So, the expectation was much and there was no other space that could take up this international performer other than the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) which served as home for talented musicians in those days. NBC had people like Fela Sowande, Ayo Bankole, Sam Akpabot and Christopher Oyesiku. Her first job in Nigeria was that of a producer of music programs at NBC.

Not only that, she became a regular face on the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA). For her regular shows on TV, she had the virtuoso, Art Alade, as producer while the legend, Ayo Bankole, was the accompanist. Nigeria as a nation never had it so good with that quintessential trio. Nroli scored first in so many instances, a pioneer member of Laz Ekwueme choir. She was also part of the first generation of music graduates that taught music on television. She was once the director, Our Light Catholic Choir on University of Lagos campus. She also had a band which was on stand at the inauguration and commissioning of the National Theater. Her show became the first ever at the monumental theater that epitomizes the good arts and distinguishable culture of the black race.

This research was the work of  Professor Godwin Sadoh.


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