100 Things we all Wonder about NONNIE JULES (Day 7)





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1If Only There Was Music book cover

Today it’s my great honour to play host to the remarkable and charismatic President of Rave Reviews Book Club, NONNIE JULES on Day 7 of her 100 Things We All Wonder About… tour!

Now – before we start, there’s one more book that Nonnie’s published which holds the key to her approach to life, love and books


NJ Cover DesignBuckle up and prepare yourself  for a wild and wonderful ride!


Q:  Are you a collector of anything?

A:  Yes, I collect Precious Moments EVERYTHING! (No surprise this collection features children, right?  My passion!)  I have coloring books, a Bible, dishes, snow globes, dolls, puzzles, and last Christmas, someone even sent me a Precious Moments Owl, tree ornament!  The cover of my wedding program many years ago, had Precious Moments on it and was captioned “This day I will marry my friend; the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, Love.” I’ve also just recently started a coffee mug collection, especially with those housing book covers of my favorite books!  So far, I have mugs from Author, Rhani D’Chae and Author, John Fioravanti.  Now, if any of you would like to add to my collection, please, feel free!


Q:  We all have that “thing” we do that others might consider strange.  What is your “thing?”

A:  What a fun question!  Well, that’s easy!  My “thing” is that I speak to EVERYONE!  Although some might tag me as mean in some circles, I am really an overly friendly person.  I speak to everyone I pass in the market.  I think it’s rude to stand on the same aisle, looking at the same can of peanuts, and not speaking.  Don’t you?  I wave at people sitting at stop lights, I make it a point to peek my head out of my door to say hello to the mail carrier, the sanitation workers, and my yard man.  My husband says that I’d even talk to the trees, if they were the only things around me.  Tis true!  I draw the line at cats, though!  I’ve no desire to entertain any kind of anything with these evil little monsters.


Q:  What’s your favorite fragrance?

A:  I have two, so in this order they are:  J’Adore by Dior and Perry Ellis.  I smell so good!  LOL


Q:  You’re an extremely busy lady and with all the hours that you devote to the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, you can’t get that much sleep.  Tell us, how do you begin your mornings?

A:  On my knees, first and foremost.  (Dirty minds, get out of the gutter).  Before I move to do anything, I pray.  Then, I head to my shower and then off to exercise.  My husband can’t fathom why someone would shower before they exercise.  Well, it’s me we’re talking about here…The Queen of Clean, remember?  After my workout, I down a bottle of water, then head back to shower again.  After I’m dressed, usually in workout attire (as I take breaks thru-out the day for exercise in 20 minute increments), I head to my kitchen for my breakfast green smoothie or my oatmeal with sunflower seeds.  While I’m eating, my 1st cup of green tea is getting ready for me.  Once it’s hot and ready, I head to my office to begin my day, and that’s usually, under normal circumstances, between 6 & 7 AM.  And that’s the morning in the life of Nonnie Jules!


Q:  Would you mind sharing a normal Nonnie Jules food day with us?

A:  Certainly!  That’s what I’m here for, to give you all things Nonnie:  Here goes:

Breakfast:  Green smoothie or oatmeal w/sunflower seeds

Snack:  2 boiled egg whites

Lunch:  Green smoothie

Snack:  Grapes or Orange or an Apple

Dinner:  pc of baked fish w/mustard greens or green beans, sometimes a very small golden potato (plain)

Snack:  Cup of coffee, cup of Jello, (5) dark chocolate covered almonds, or peanuts before bed.

*8 bottles of water

*3 cups of green tea

*1 white tea, 1 Oolong tea, 1 Pu-erh tea

*Multi vitamin, vitamin D, vitamin C, Fish Oil & B12 Supplement

*Also, daily staples of my normal diet include:  wheat germ, bee pollen, chia seeds and flaxseed oil.

If I’m in the mood to eat something dirty, I always fix it up with something healthy.  If I want A pancake (silver dollar size), I add 2 tablespoons of wheat germ to the mix.  You can’t even tell the difference! I add spinach to my eggs and if I’m in the mood for chips, I grab some kale leaves and bake them into crispy Kale chips.  If I’m in the mood for a hamburger, it’s a kid’s burger.

And there you have it…My food day!  Thanks for having me, Jan!  You’re the best!


To follow Nonnie’s tour and to get more of your questions answered, please visit her Blog Tour Page on the 4WillsPub site .  Thanks for stopping by today and good luck on winning some of these great prizes!






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41 thoughts on “100 Things we all Wonder about NONNIE JULES (Day 7)

  1. I am really enjoying these posts. Such an awesome idea, Nonnie. Love the information you’re sharing with us. Thank you so much, Jan, for hosting!

    I used to collect Precious Moments items, too. I’ve lost some with all of my moving, but I do cherish the ones I have.

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