Why You Should Never Live With A Historical Fiction Hero

Another pithy post about fantasy co-habitation from Ms. Sparling!

Tara Sparling writes

Modern life is so complicated. Full of stresses and strains. Mortgages and macroeconomics. People demanding you be everything to everybody. However, living in the past is hardly the answer. Wouldn’t it be so much better just to co-habit with someone from a simpler time?

But what would it really be like to live with the hero of one of your favourite historical fiction novels? What does this mean for your kitchen? Your BATHROOM?

(This is another in the Why You Should Never Live With… series. Unreliable Narratorhere. Chick-Lit Heroinehere. Cop From A Crime Novelhere. Young Adult Protagonisthere. Literary Fiction Herohere. Romantic Hero here.

Why You Should Never Live With A Historical Fiction Hero


You arrive home to find Historical Fiction Hero standing in the middle of your kitchen. He is wearing a white shirt which falls to his knees, and not much else. His bare feet are filthy, and in dire need…

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I’m back!

Yes – I’ve been away, so things have been a bit quieter than usual (pauses to watch tumbleweed rolling off…). I’ve had some demolition work done in the living room and needed to get away while it was noisy and dusty, so I decided to decamp off to a ‘little’ thatched cottage in N. Devon where they do Writers Retreats – in style! 😀

I had just 4 days but found it very constructive in that short time in terms of clearing my head and re-assessing how to tackle my long-postponed WIP. The break was brilliant for getting out of my literary-slob routine – having to get up for a proper breakfast, long before noon (it’s a real occasion for me to be out of my pit much before then). Meeting three other writers, 2 historical fiction authors and one academic polishing off a paper was also interesting as well as entertaining. Our hosts were brilliant, giving us the breathing space to get stuck into some concentrated bursts of activity, but making sure we had nice things to eat and drink at regular intervals and generally cosseting us.

Being an old cottage, the terrain was a little challenging for pottering around with a walking stick, but I survived tripping over rugs and eccentric flooring that hadn’t ever seen a spirit level since it was a field and it was really lovely to be in a completely different environment. I’m a bit achy in the muscles today still as a result, but overall I’m feeling relaxed and ready to knuckle down to some intensive writing – tomorrow! A ton of email and missed WhatsApp messages have taken up my attention today, so ‘proper’ blogging and novel inroads will have to wait another day, but I’m truly up for it.

My new ‘open-plan’ living area has a way to go before it’s finished, but I’m delighted with the progress made. The next phase will start again in a few weeks which will mean spending a lot on new stuff for the kitchen and dining experience. At least I don’t have to do the actual work. I may take myself off for a few days again after the kitchen’s finished because the in between time is going to be challenging without a cooker (the microwave can do pizzas and stuff. Roasts or other ambitious baking activity’s out of the question for now so I might need another little break before the schools break up for the summer! We’ll see…


No. This isn’t…

It’s time we got around to doing some proper business! Re-launching the Publishing blog today. Yes! I’m finally taking things seriously… 😛

turning words into Worlds

… an April Fool. It’s relaunch day for DreamWorlds Publishing – the BLOG!

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It’s relaunch day for DreamWorlds Publishing – the BLOG! Also the old firm itself has had a good bottoming for Spring, in preparation for us getting a little more serious about the publishing and editorial side.
Since March 2015 I’ve been in a kind of hibernation career-wise (yes, yes, add in suitable jolly quip for the c-word). However, having just gone through a major phase of home ‘improvement’ that involved interior walls being bludgeoned out of existence, cookers thrown on a skip and kitchen cupboards being retired with extreme prejudice, I decided that the blog could do with a major overhaul as well. Before the kitchen outfitters arrive and I’m forced to spend enormous amounts of money courtesy of a new mortgage to release equity in the old homestead, to make it me-friendly for the foreseeable, I’ve also…

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The End in Mind

Words of wisdom from Harmony Kent – knowing where you’re going (ish) with your story really does help!

Story Empire

Hello SEers! It’s great to see you here today 🙂

When we write, we create things twice—first, in the mind, and then in the real world. To make the best reality, we have to begin with the end in mind. If we want to tell a story, to sit and write a novel, then we need to know the end (or have a good idea of what we intend).

Even though things may change as we invent, we still need to begin with at least a rough outline of the beginning, the middle, and the end. We need to have an awareness of the point to the tale. Both our characters and plot need to show some development and change by the time it’s all finished and done with.

If you envisage the end clearly enough, you will find less trouble in writing your way there. I have no doubt…

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