Nearly done and dusted…

It’s the 13th today – so here’s something from Sian about our pretty uncomfortable and bad-tempered week…

Siân Glírdan

Always a silver lining if you look for it hard enough… Even if it’s just on the shiny knife! 😛

Well, not dusted yet, ‘cos there’s plenty of dust-generating to come still (as usual I’m being time-savvy and just doing the vacuum thing once and not ‘trying to keep on top it’ – because that’s pointless and anyway, I can’t be arsed!), but… The kitchen is finished! 😀 On Friday the 13th of all days! 😛

I’d actually not twigged that it was THAT day, so it kind of took me by surprise when I switched the telly on. This Morning had a warlock on and HE said that apparently it’s a bit like ‘White Rabbits’ (first of the month) and April Fools, except that all nasty stuff desists at 1300 hrs instead of noon! LOL Ironically my one nasty moment today (so far anyway) came at around 1530H when…

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Unintended Consequences, on #LisaBurtonRadio

I’ve read Acts Beyond Redemption – this follow-up sounds just as powerful and exciting. Plus, we get to find out what happened with Sheila… 😀

Entertaining Stories

Lisa BurtonWelcome to this week’s edition of Lisa Burton Radio. The world recently learned of something the Japanese call Karoshi. This is the situation where people are worked to death. Several deaths have been labeled as Karoshi in recent weeks.

What would it take to get to that point? What goes through someone’s mind as the symptoms take over? We’re going to talk to someone who is very near that point today. “Welcome to the show, Trish Clayton.”

“Hello, Lisa. ‘Karoshi’? Is that what they call this insanity? I guess having a label for it is rather handy for some. Make no mistake, Lisa; there is nothing about this entire situation that a sane person wouldn’t have problems dealing with. I’m not certain about my ability to step back from this on a personal level, and that’s hardly a point from which to assess anything rationally, is it?”

“Let’s not be…

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11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be The Worst Writer They Know

Rabbie Burns was right! We all need the gift to see ourselves as others see us! 😛
Another hilarious insight into the head of Tara Sparling… 😀

Tara Sparling writes

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be The Worst Writer They Know

I very nearly didn’t get to post a blog this week, because I almost died of shame. Shame is a very poor thing to die of: possibly better than getting run over by the bus to Limerick, but not great, all the same.

My shame stemmed from a journal I wrote, when I was learning how to write. This journal has lived in the locker beside my bed for months, possibly even years. I was forced to excavate this journal the other day due to a series of incidents involving the wrong restaurant, a motorised scooter, new bed linen, and unemployment. You know, the usual reasons for clearing out your drawers.

Anyway, This All Resulted In Me Thinking A Thought

The journal itself is beautiful. Hard-backed, with a picture of Shakespeare on the front. It has a ribbon bookmark and the paper is silky-smooth to the touch. Writing on it feels like piping exquisitely…

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Views of the Neighborhood – Bird Sanctuaries

Well, sometimes you ‘like’ something for showing the truth behind the headlines… 😦 The before and after pictures are from John Howell’s blog regular local photography series and shows some of the damage to Port Aransas’ bird sanctuaries – Nature is indeed the ultimate power of the World and hurricanes are one of the executioners!

Fiction Favorites

I originally made a pledge not to show the personal devastation here in Port Aransas. I am keeping that pledge but feel compelled to show some of the effects of Hurricane Harvey on our three bird sanctuaries. This is a side of a disaster one normally does not see. Also, this is a side of a disaster which by necessity becomes a secondary priority to recovery.  The city has been making repeated pleas to the state and the federal government to release disaster funds to restore basic services. So far, other larger cities have been granted aid while Port Aransas continues to struggle. You can draw a comparison to the city wide damage from these views of the birding centers.

Road to the Alligator

Here is a photo that I took in the summer of the entrance to the Birding center

Here is what is left of the boardwalk

Here is a closer shot of the observation…

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A time to mourn

A fitting tribute to a life well-lived. Sue’s posted one of her cousin Tony’s poems, written while he was on active service overseas in 1943.


I heard today that my dear cousin Tony died last night. A WW ll veteran, he was 93. I shall ss him very much.

He was a poet, and I would like to celebrate his life by sharing one of his poems:


A fertile land, a richer earth
This is where I had my birth
By the coast of Devon

A land of green, a land of light
This is what I left to fight
For the coast of Devon

A summer sun, a perfect sea
This is where I have to be
By the coast of Devon

A stormy sea, a sullen sky
This is where my parents lie
By the coast of Devon

The cattle graze, the seagulls cry
This is where I wish to die
By the coast of Devon.

[Rest in peace, Tony]

Tony in 1943

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