Clare O’Beara

To celebrate Milele Safari’s stint as one of Rave Reviews Book Club Books of the Month for November 2015, I’m starting a new author feature for all writer-reviewers who’ve been kind enough to read my first novel from it’s publication at the end of 2013 to date. Today it is my great pleasure to have you meet multi-talented, multi-genre author, Clare O’Beara…


COBClare O’Beara is a tree surgeon and expert witness, and a former national standard showjumper. She has qualified in ecology and includes environmental issues in some of her stories. She has served on the Royal Dublin Society Forestry and the Environment Committee.
Clare is an award–winning writer of fiction and non–fiction, whose journalism work has been published in more than thirty countries. Her credits include Mensa Magazine and Mensa International Journal.
2013 – Winner, Print Journalism in Ireland’s National Media Awards.
2014 – Winner, Arkady Renko Short Story Contest.
Top 500 Reviewer:
In 2013 Clare independently published seven books of crime, science fiction and romantic suspense. Clare reads extensively and reviews books for Fresh She contributed a story to A Pint And A Haircut (Lon Dubh, 2010), an anthology in aid of Concern’s Haiti fund.
She lives in Dublin with her husband and cats.

* Taken from Clare’s author page on Goodreads


Dining Out Around The Solar System Series

(all descriptions can be found on the individual Amazon pages or as shown otherwise)


DOSS1Dining Out Around the Solar System (Bk 1) 
Donal, an Irish lad, and Myron, a Cockney-Jamaican mix, meet aged seventeen as book reviewers and trainee journalists. Before long they’re onto the hottest stories in London.
In their future, Stansted Airport has been converted to a space shuttle base and Londoners are recruited to mine the asteroids.
While exploring the other planets, we found that they were all inhabited. Now those people are coming to Earth and looking for work. They’re also opening ethnic restaurants in central London.
Befriending immigrants makes Donal and Myron unpopular with some, while their investigative reporting lands them in trouble with wealthy organisations, criminals and the Home Office. Their romantic prospects are compromised. But you can’t keep a good team down, especially when they report for London’s Eye, and they’ve got every book ever digitised at their disposal….

DOIG2Dining Out with the Ice Giants (Bk 2)

Two journalists in an alternate future London meet the people from the outer planets – during one of the worst winters for cold and flooding that London has suffered. From political misdeeds to mushroom picking in a disused Tube station, Donal and Myron uncover all sorts of activities… and dangers.
Donal, an Irish journalist, and Myron, his Cockney-Jamaican colleague, are feature writers with zine London’s Eye. They tend to attract trouble.
Since they have many friends from other planets, they also enjoy good meals in ethnic restaurants.
This winter, a whole lot of problems are facing London, and who better to cover them?
The lads might even make new friends in the process of gaining a scoop. Or new enemies.

DOGG3Dining Out with the Gas Giants (Bk 3)
Donal and Myron are journalists who’ll go anywhere for a story. This summer, as tempers flare and riots are sparked in London’s heat, they get a lead they can’t resist.
Not all the off-world immigrants are friendly. For every gas giant native who works in ballet or hospitality, there’s one who plots a takeover.
Place hacking, augmented reality and student protests are all in a day’s work for the London’s Eye reporters. But when the trail leads to Rio and the Argentine Andes, have they finally bitten off a story too big to chew?


Chronadendron & Cona the Barbarian (Dreamless Roads ~ a Fantasy Anthology)
Chronodendron- Sometimes fantasy is only a mere breath away from our everyday lives. As sentient beings we sometimes forget that we are still creatures of flesh and blood, emotions and sensations, that evoke deep reactions and memories.
Tree-loving Clare O’Beara subtly reminds us of the pleasure of simple things and how they stay with us throughout our lives for us to treasure as our days begin to fade away.
Cona the Barbarian – There are legends that are complete fantasy but catch our imaginations so well that they spawn new ones, cut from the same cloth. Or are respun in clever and ironic ways. Here we are treated to a spot of gender vengeance in this next tall tale of mighty warriors righting wrongs.

Descriptions courtesy of

IrishMurder at Irish MENSA (Bk 1 of the MENSA Mysteries Series)
Cara Cassidy, a Dublin tree surgeon, is having a tough May weekend. Her landlady has given her notice. Cara’s in the middle of organising an international convention for the high intelligence group Irish Mensa. Visiting American tobacco heiress Laurel Cabot – who has married a Dubliner with the paper title of the Baron of Ballymun – is murdered and her priceless diamond necklace stolen. Both the Gardai and Interpol believe that the killer is among the guests.
Amid visits to the National Stud and Trinity College, Cara, newly elected Chairman of Irish Mensa, does some investigating, with the aid of Mike Fraser, a Scottish guest. The Mensa members trust her, but some people would prefer their secrets to remain hidden….

S&SSilks and Sins

Geri and Jackie O’Keane inherit their father’s riding stables in Ireland and, both business women, set about modernising, including a website. When Jackie meets Valentine Murney, a rising star in the flat racing world, her life appears complete. Val, who admits that he’s no saint, is dedicated, good looking, kind, and a great lover. Jackie sets her sights on the highly competitive ‘most stylish lady’ raceday prizes. Meanwhile Geri is drifting towards her own relationship.
But when two spiteful stable girls tell Jackie that her jockey boyfriend has been sleeping with someone else, she faces making a decision which might be the greatest mistake of her life.

JumpShow Jumping Team
Madeline is sixteen with nothing to do in the school holidays. The rural Irish town is quiet and shops are not hiring part-time staff. To keep her out of trouble she is encouraged to join a Riding Club and learn to compete. Her borrowed horse Moonrock has plenty of experience.
The same can’t be said for Alabama, the young chestnut mare purchased by Karen’s moneyed parents. Karen is expected to succeed, even though other club members – such as Niall, a farmer boy – resent the fact that her father bought up farmland for building. Karen’s only ally is Jen who works at the livery yard, training young horses.
Can the young adults put aside their differences and learn to be a team – when it really matters?

FinnRodeo Finn
Finn Dwyer, aged fifteen, is growing up on a dairy farm in Ireland, her thoughts of horses and friendships. When she is challenged in the worst way, she doesn’t know how to go forward in life. Summer on her uncle’s ranch in Arizona with her cousin Sean and a beautiful black mare Juana gives Finn the chance to let go of her unhappiness. Not only does she explore the Sonora Desert, she learns trail riding, cattle roping and rodeo skills. When her strength and decisiveness are called upon however, will Finn prove herself? Another atmospheric story of young adults, horses and challenges from the author of SHOW JUMPING TEAM.

Find out much more about Clare and all her books on

her website

Amazon author page



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