Watch this space…

New projects go in here essentially (so before they graduate to INKing UP proper)


Another anthology but this time no restrictions on genre to sky’s the limit for short story fiends so long as there’s a quirky twist 😀 We’re taking submissions up until the 21st December 2015 with a projected August 2016 publication window. To get involved go to L-INKs or where you know I’ll get the message 😉

The Shadow Chronica


I really like to know where things are! This is the main settled landmass on planet Hafn in the Shadow System at the outer reaches of the galaxy. This is very much a fantasy setting although there is science in it but it’s more a back to basics/let’s at least not make the same mistakes again ethos… No elves, but there’ll be lots of GELFs, some kind of dragons, maybe a unicorn or two and the magic of new science for creation in extremis on the Last World. This is my own baby and should run to 5 or 6 books with perhaps room for a prequel – we’ll see! 😀

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