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BwithoutWI guess it’s time for the bio page to go up… There’s pieces of me strung all over the web (you’ll find most of the main stuff on the L-INKS page in here), but as this is now my ‘flagship’ presence, I suppose I’d better get this done 😉

In the past I’ve written some Freudian whimsy on the three ‘me’s’ so let’s kick off with the Ego. My author pic naturally, since I am fully defined as such in the waking world these days. It’s the one I had taken (by my late husband, Pete) to go on Milele Safari. If I’d used the colour version you’d see I’m wearing a blue and turquoise ethnic scarf and my favourite ring – Smaug the dragon, which was made by a hoopy master silversmith, Lexi Dix, who numbers rocks stars, captains of industry and the Prince of Wales among her clientele. So how did I get this not so small chunk of silver? Well, it’s a combination of catching Lexi (when she wasn’t famous) on a summer market stall at the Guildhall in the City of London, and Pete getting sick of being told about this incredible dragon ring I’d seen nestling up with some bird skull rings (for the rock stars) and buying it as a Christmas pressie for me. I was a lucky, lucky girl ‘cos even in those days Lexi’s stuff didn’t come cheap – but then this is a very, very classy ring that serves as a talisman and muse some days…

Let’s get the old ID out of the way! This is a visual rather than temperamental interpretation, as I’m neither as brave nor as funny as Jo – except possibly after several G&Ts and that’s probably in my imagination. I like to think I’d get on with Jo if we ever met for real. With her background as a mental health worker, she’d at least not put up with any of my shrinking violet posturing, and I wouldn’t have to worry about shrieking too stridently, ‘cos she’d outdo me every time! Sometimes I need to connect with my inner bitch troll and Jo strikes me as being a good buddy to hang with if you’re in the kind of mood where you want to say exactly what you think, as loudly as you like – who says beasts have to look drab and not bother with some lippie? 😀

6-LoversTime for the Superego. Meet Janowyn the Elven Bard and her Beloved, Silen who’s a bit of a rock star Woodelf some of the time 😛 Hey!!! I write fantasy so I can roleplay a tall skinny elf lady if I wanna! Actually, Jano’s more of an alter-ego than a superego as she’s pretty close to how I feel a lot of the time when it comes to the touchy-feely stuff. And Silen’s just goooooooooorgeous! Also really in tune with her, so he’s the archetypal soulmate who looks suspiciously like Keanu Reeves sometimes (even a bit psychic ninja too!) 😉 Erm, yeah, or on naughty days even a bit piratical á la Mr Depp… But mostly he’s just really good  at grounding Jano and keeping her happy and feeling loved, because she’s a soppy, lonely little mare sometimes. who doesn’t always feel like singing.

That’s enough for now I think. If you want more traditional bio fare then pop along to my oldest website where you’ll meet the family etc – it needs a bit of updating actually but there’s a lot of background if you’re feelin’ nosey and/or really bored! ;-). There’s also some of my back catalog of graphic artwork and poetry too if you want a more thorough poke around and have even more time – up to you 🙂

And now in the interests of some contextual definition (and because the original post is now deeply buried in the archives)… here’s the lowdown on how this blog got it’s name!


So what’s behind the title – what does Jan Hawke INKorporate? Well of course it’s a play on a word which is what wordsmiths are supposed to do – play with words, but let’s do a bit of deconstruction a moment. Humour me! 🙂

Here’s what a dictionary (Wiktionary) has to say on the subject –

incorporate (third-person singular simple present incorporatespresent participle incorporatingsimple past and past participle incorporated)

  1. (transitive) To include (something) as a part. 
    The design of his house incorporates a spiral staircase.
    to incorporate another’s ideas into one’s work
  2. (transitive) To mix (something in) as an ingredient; to blend
    Incorporate air into the mixture.
  3. (transitive) To admit as a member of a company 
  4. (transitive) To form into a legal company.
    The company was incorporated in 1980.
  5. To form into a body; to combine, as different ingredients, into one consistent mass. 
    • Shakespeare
      By your leaves, you shall not stay alone, / Till holy church incorporate two in one.
  6. To unite with a material body; to give a material form to; to embody. 
    • Bishop Stillingfleet
      The idolaters, who worshipped their images as gods, supposed some spirit to be incorporated therein.

Apologies to the actual #5 in the original entry, but even I can’t tie in US law references – something about the 14th Amendment – with this little piece of froth? Anyway – this is about me, me, me so what the hey 😛

So – for the sake of argument let’s say that Jan Hawke is ‘incorporated’ more or less along the line of all 6 of those interpretations with the possible exception of #4 because I’ve already said I’m not messing about with any laws in here. Except I’ve used INK instead of ‘inc’ with ‘orporated’ because all things inky seem to be dominating my life at present so it’s a neat and literary way of summing up what I’ll be doing in here for as long as I have something to say about this phase I’m entering as a kosher writer.

One other thing and then I’ll wind things down – don’t worry about the grammar. All the participles and transitiving – it’s just stuff you have to know a little about as you’re juggling so the words come out OK. And when I say ‘know‘ I mean in the sense that grammar is something that we know of , but hardly ever think about (at least in our native tongue) – most people only ever think (but rarely talk) about grammar when they’re using a foreign language so, for me, grammar is a foreign country and please don’t pay it too much attention else it’ll get ideas above it’s station… lol

So when I’m saying this is Jan Hawke INKorporated it’s all the things that go into the mixture that is me, the writer, Jan Hawke. Literary (or literally) multiple personality dysfunctionality on speed in fact – probably. Some days ‘sensible’ me is in charge of things so what goes on in here will sometimes make sense.

We’ll see!!!!!  😀

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