Top Ten Things Not to Do In the Snow in South Texas

Well – John’s tropical island home has something in common with North Cornwall… If you live near the sea and don’t live on high ground, make the most of the snow while you’ve got it – and stay safe and warm, as snow is much better enjoyed inside with something hot and sweet to sip one! 😉

Fiction Favorites

Snow in the South

The inspiration for this list was a one-inch snowfall on our tropical island in South Texas.  The last snow was in 2004 and before that in the 1900’s. As you can imagine residents of this island had no idea what to do with snow. This list is too late for them but may be handy in another ten years.

10 If you live in the South and it snows, do not think you can drive to the store. If you do, at best you may find yourself in a ditch. At worst, your erratic driving may cause a pile up on the beach road which won’t clear till spring. (Twenty miles an hour was a bit too fast for conditions huh, Cyrek?)

9. If you live in the South and it snows, do not throw snowballs at strangers. If you do, at best you’ll hit one, and they will laugh…

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It’s the MILELE SAFARI book trailer party today!

What’s a book trailer? Well, it’s kind of like a movie promo trailer – and they can help you let the world know what sort of book you’ve unleashed!

So, no messing – here’s the link to party venue…


the YouTube page…


… and then leave a comment on the video page and you might be the lucky winner in the prize draw for one of these fab freebies!


1st – Amazon Gift Voucher!

2nd – Milele desk calendar 2017

3rd – Milele mousemat

Want to know more about Milele Safari?


for loads more info and photos of the people and places that all mix in to make the MILELE EXPERIENCE!

DW Publishing website – the soft launch!

News on the business side of things… Read on for more news on the update of the DreamWorlds Publishing website and writer services coming up!

turning words into Worlds


Yes, a soft launch, because I’ve still got do a fair amount of updating to things that’ll take a while to fiddle with, like the DWP video, to include newer publications and upcoming projects.

By and large, though most of the pages are now up to date, including the latest 5-star reviews pages for all the books. So, while we’re quiet in the lull before Xmas (I’m planning a proper re-launch for the New Year) I’ve put all the changes on so that all who know of us can come in and have a look-see at all the new look additions.

Chief amongst these are:-

  • the Publications page to include book trailers for all the titles I’m primarily involved in. This will be one of the few new marketing services available from us – so new that I haven’t got a fee in mind…

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Views of the Neighborhood – Recovery

This says so much about the human spirit’s resilience and tenacity! LOL 😀 In the aftermath of devastating winds and resulting damage, people still want to buy and fly kites! Great that everyone’s pulling themselves up and out of the disaster – thanks so much for sharing, John! ❤

Fiction Favorites

Today on Views of the Neighborhood I want to give you a glimpse of a few of the merchants who are still not in their buildings but who have decided to start on the road to recovery their own way. Most businesses in Port Aransas lost their buildings. A few have decided to open with some temporary accommodations. I hope you enjoy the view.

The United States Post Office is up and running in temporary buildings on the original site but opposite the damaged building.

Ace Hardware pulled in a trailer and several Pods and now supply basic hardware items. The original store is behind the trailer and being worked on.

Coffee Waves

Coffee Waves is our local version of Starbucks. It is still not ready for use.

But you can still get a coffee in the parking lot. Their trailer is up and running.

My bank is open in a temporary…

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Just Read an Article on Addiction

Kudos, Andrew – I’m full of admiration for you! 🙂 Addiction becomes a part of your make-up, whatever you’re addicted to. And I know you’re right, because when you’re focused on your personal poison, in the end, you are always the only remedy, and the poison is still your nemesis.
Congratulations and very best wishes for keeping yourself clean and functional. 😀

Andrew Joyce

I just read your article and felt I had to respond. I hope that you don’t mind. And I do not expect a response. I just want to impart a bit of knowledge or maybe it might be called wisdom. I don’t know, you decide.

I was a junkie for thirty years—exactly thirty years. The only time I did not get high within that time-frame was the one time I shot some bad shit and lay in a coma for three days (I lived alone). I woke up and found that I had vomited upon myself and soiled myself (if you know what I mean). Then I went out and copped some more shit, but from a different source—hoping I wouldn’t kill myself. That is how much of a junkie I was. I got high every day for 10,950 days.

I do not know if you are ever going to…

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