Adam Boustead

To celebrate Milele Safari’s stint as one of Rave Reviews Book Club Books of the Month for November 2015, I’m starting a new author feature for all writer-reviewers who’ve been kind enough to read my first novel from it’s publication at the end of 2013 to date. Today it’s my great delight and privilege to present one of RRBC’s most supportive people and former Member of the Month, Adam Boustead, author of The Dragon Chronicles series.

Adam by Adam ~  My name is Adam Boustead. I am a blind writer. I write poetry and stories. Dragons sit on my shoulders and whisper their stories to me. I have a twin brother Christian Boustead, who is also a writer.

(all descriptions can be found on the individual Amazon pages)

firesideDragon Fireside Tales: Dragon Chronicles (Book 1)
intriguing, softly unsettling, but strangely hypnotic fantastical tales of the unexpected.


is the second book of The Dragon Chronicles, with poems and fantastical tales, which both disturb and intrigue.
poems inspired by recollections. Adam Boustead is a blind author who lives in Hanley, Staffordshire. This is his first collection of poems that he has published on his own.
A collection of mythical poems covering everything from Dragons to Unicorns. Written with twin brother Christian
Review of Dragon Fireside Tales (by Jan Hawke 19 Oct 2015)
I like variety and I love fantasy, so I’m a sucker for fantasy anthologies and always look out for them. This one didn’t disappoint and I really enjoyed the wide and eclectic collection of quirky, snappy tales and meaty, touching poems.
I have problems with the 5 star system – they really aren’t enough to get over the full ambient nuances of a book, so I always say why my 4 star ratings don’t reach a 5. Dragon Fireside Tales is a high 4 – if I had 10 to give it would get a 9. You HAVE to love it to give a 5 – but high 4’s are very lovable as well, except there’s a big enough ‘but’ to trip it up. So these are my fairly minor quibbles. As others have noted there’s a slight lack of polish, which is mainly grounded in the editorial and proofing department but are enough to jar you out of the ‘moment’ a little too often. The other is more subjective on stylistics and is the result of my own bias against ‘ta-dah’ endings. This didn’t happen a lot, but there were a couple of places in there that set my teeth on edge with a lack of sublety, or awkward execution. Small things only and, like I said they didn’t stop me enjoying the entire experience, particularly the poetry which was achingly evocative. I will certainly look for more reading pleasure from Adam Boustead’s pen and thoroughly recommend this diamond in the rough of a book to all lovers of inventive and ‘left field’ fantasy.

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