The Curse of Time, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Another great character and storyline featured on the Lisa Burton Radio Show (courtesy of Entertaining Stories). Nothing in Amelina Scott’s world is quite right, from her missing father returning looking much older than he should, her mother having a personality transplant at the same time and Shadow the black cat ‘adopting’ the Scotts, even though Amelina’s the only who likes him… Then there’s Esme, Amelina best friend almost-sister. She’s somehow got herself trapped in the mirrors at the Scott house. Esme seems to know what’s going on but seems to be under a curse, or some kind of spell, that means she can’t tell Amelina about it! Read to find out about the3 other mysteries that beset Amelina by clicking the link… 😀

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Welcome everyone. Turn down the lights, find your silver bells, and possibly a crystal that speaks to you. You might want to light a candle or two. This is Lisa Burton Radio, and I’m your host Lisa the robot girl.

My special guest today is living under some unusual circumstances, but we’ll let her tell us about them. “Welcome to the show, Amelina Scott.”

“Hi Lisa. I’m so excited about this, a chance to tell my story to a robot girl, that’s beyond amazing!”

“I already mentioned that your living arrangement is a bit odd. Can you fill our listeners in a bit?”

“Yeah, my dad disappeared on my thirteenth birthday. Sorry, I find this difficult to talk about. It really hurts. I, I cope by writing my feelings down in poetry. I don’t like to talk about it… But for you I will …

“Dad’s vanishing was the weirdest…

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