Happy Equinox, everyone!

The Mad March Hare (NOT the Easter Bunny!) wakes up the Goddess Ostara, who spreads all that yummy Spring/Fertility goodness around! She’s the reason we have choccy eggs as well – and was the original Easter diety, so let’s look at the brighter upside of more ‘resurrectionist’ Easter traditions!

Yes, today’s that twice a year day, when the whole world’s in harmony, with day and night lasting the exact same time, including the Equator, as well as those pesky Northern and Southern Hemispheres, who have polar opposite Equinoxes – Spring and Autumnal respectively… 🙂 Now, the weather isn’t exactly behaving itself in my neighbourhood, but – the SUN has been out most of the day and so, despite some snow lingering on the verges of fields and country lanes, and beneath hedgerows, we’re seeing signs of Spring bursting out. This means that trees and flowers are starting to at least bud and as the days grow longer, presumably the additional available warmth of the sun will probably mean the weather should turn a bit more clement and doors and windows can be opened to let a cool breeze into our homes. Well – you have to have something to look forward to when our ‘blink and you miss it’ heatwave shows up early, and we inevitably get a deluge on our doorsteps for the ‘Glorious 1st of June’!

I actually changed the vernal livery of the blog a couple of days back, but as it’s been chilly and we had the snow back at the weekend, I’ve put off making a Spring Break splash. Today, as I was saying, was sunny so I at least had a pleasant drive to the dentist, where I had the fastest check-up ever and was given a clean oral health bill (sadly not a fiscal one of course!) until the next equinox rolls up. In fact, my bum can’t have been in the chair for much more than 30 seconds, because I felt quite dizzy sitting down and getting up again so quickly!

Usually there’s a bigger swell on the North coast where Cornwall meets Devon!

To celebrate, I went back via the coastal route. Usually, this is dramatically bracing this time of year, but today the waves were being kind to the dog walkers, who had a dry and bright vista to enjoy, with no surfers to work around as they were all presumably in the pub – there was hardly any surf to be seen… Dogs are banned from the beaches at Widemouth Bay from April to the end of September, so lots of people were making the most of the weather, even though it was still pretty chilly.

Well, time is ‘fugit-ing’ and, for once I had to get up early as I was expecting an overdue delivery of my new bed-frame, so all this fresh air, oral optimism and vernal pulchritude has taken its toll. I’m feeling pretty knackered and need to put my other delivery (that arrived while I was out), namely my Easter chocolate stash, in a secure place from heat sources and premature snack attacks… 😛

Enjoy your equinox wherever you are, and whatever the weather is doing (or not doing properly). The new blog background is to put the colour back into Spring, rain or shine – both of which are, of course, needed to make our English gardens and countryside grow and blossom – however much we moan about it!
Here a final thought on Spring-like tendencies – it’s a whole new year now, and time to move forward! 😉


14 thoughts on “Happy Equinox, everyone!

    • We got more snow than we had at the beginning of the month this time… Being further south and west of everyone, we tend to get snow with a high salt content due to the English Channel/Biscay and Atlantic influences! Most snow we do get tends to go away quickly as it warms up again. 😉

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  1. Happy Spring Equinox, Jan! I love that gorgeous coastal photo. What a lovely drive that must be. We presently have a nor’easter barreling down on us. it’s dumping snow and isn’t supposed to stop for another 14 hours. I need spring! LOL!

    P.S…love the piglet photo too. How adorable 🙂


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