Views of the Neighborhood – Spring Break II

Here’s how the Gulf Coast Texans celebrate mid-March… 😀
In contrast, here in Cornwall, UK we have the snow back again! rolls eyes 😛

Fiction Favorites

Spring Break

Here is a shot of a foggy Saturday morning. A few cars and campers. This is looking North.

Another Saturday morning shot looking South.

Spring Break

The same shot looking North in the afternoon

South. The cars are two deep as far as the eye can see.

Down at the sand level, we have the Game Warden looking for drugs

The police asking a crowd to move on.

Only in Texas would you see calf roping on the beach

The Game Warden is the highest level of Law enforcement in the state.

This shot is through the windshield of our golf cart. I just had to have a picture of that ugly truck.

I liked the shot of the dog which I thought was cute.

Now we are into the heart of darkness. Can you feel the bass?

More carrying on. Notice the person in the unicorn head. “Yes, you with the green beads. Do…

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