Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey in Exile.

More domestic rediscovery for Lucy and Bailey – they might be a bit phased for now by the refurbs, but I’m sure they’ll like their new floors even better than the old ones! 😀

Fiction Favorites

“Hey, Lucy. You look down. What’s going on?”

“Aw, Boss. We’ve been stuck on the lower level for years. It is getting tiring.”

“It’s been a week and five days. It just seems like years.”


“I’m sure sick of Candy Crush, Pops.”

“You guys want to go and check the progress?”

Lucy and Bailey

“Whoa, Pops. Now you’re talking.”

“Okay follow me. We’ll have to take the elevator.”

“My goodness. Look at this. Where’s the food bowl?

“It is still downstairs, Lucy. What do you think, Bailey?

“Let’s just say I’ve seen bigger messes but can’t remember where.”

“Come on you two. This is the new floor. It was a bigger mess before the baseboards were put back and painted.”

“Yes, Pops. We expected everything to look like it did before.”

“Yeah, I can see that. Well, it is going to be a while. The floors need washing and furniture moved back.”

“What is…

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