In like a lion, then back to purple…

Well, the weather mages got that one right yesterday! Spring had already made a start around here, but yesterday the South West was hit by the ‘Beast from East’ and then Storm Emma hit mid-afternoon! Here’s that little verse the title comes from –

March roars in like a lion
So fierce,
The wind so cold,
It seems to pierce.

The month rolls on
And Spring draws near,
And March goes out
Like a lamb so dear.

by Lorie Hill

And here’s some visuals from my office window from yesterday p.m. and this morning (and in that order)!






To the south west. That’s a good 3 inches overnight…











And to the north! Notice that the trees are bare – that Emma created blizzard conditions so there was a lot of drifting out on the roads.

And back to purple? Well as of Thursday morning I was still planning to make an afternoon tea date at a swanky golf club boutique hotel on Dartmoor, foolishly thinking that, as it’s almost all primary routes all the way, I decided my hair needed to change colour as it would clash with what I was planning to wear…

Back to the purple hair again – actually I feel much more like myself again! Those of you who are fairly regular with my selfies might notice that I’ve lost a bit of weight and had my hair re-styled – there is some silver-lining to having a bowel disease!


Time for some piping hot soup and a nice cosy night with the heating blasting and good telly! Have a great weekend everyone and, if you are still suffering from Emma, stay safe if you do venture out.

9 thoughts on “In like a lion, then back to purple…

  1. I like the view from your office and the snow:) Great poem to usher the stormy month in. I am a huge fan of your purple hair, too! Have a great weekend.

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  2. Jan, I never realized you had BD. That’s awful. I hope you’re managing okay. I do like the purple hair–it makes a statement 🙂

    Stay snug and warm inside. I think we’re done with snow but we’ve got rain and howling-near-60-MPH winds. Good time to curl up with a book or write!

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    • Exactly what I’m doing, Mae! 😀 Although the snow is melting in the rain now, so I did venture out earlier on a quick and dirty ‘quality shop’ to tide me over the weekend – my weekly grocery delivery got blitzed by the snowstorms on Thursday…
      The IBD management meds seem to be working OK, so (fingers crossed) that’s not causing too much trouble for now 😀

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