Finally: The Book List For Book Lovers Who Can’t Find Books To Love

WIth 2018 well into its stride now – here’s a great ‘suggested musts reads’ list from Tara S from the 20th century – plus 1 from 2010! 😉

Tara Sparling writes

The List for Book Lovers Who Can't Find Books To Love I don’t know what she’s so happy about. Her laptop is the size of a house but will make a crappy raft in about 5 minutes when they’re both swept out to sea

It’s well known around these parts that the commenters on this blog are very intelligent, discerning types. It would therefore be extremely remiss of me if I were to glean valuable information from them and not pass it off as my own.

Last week I asked which books from the century or so previous to 2010 I absolutely should have read.

I asked this question because back in the 1990s, I borrowed great books. All of the big readers I knew – and I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by them – were sources of the most excellent reading material. Some of it was old, some new, but all in all, I’d a legibly great time of it altogether.

And then…

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