Views of the Neighborhood – The Fence

Heartwarming inspiration on the continuing theme of resurrection from the devastation of Harvey down in the Gulf of Texas.

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Some of you may recall on one of my tours there was a fence covered with numerous objects found on the beach. Hurricane Harvey took it and there was not enough left to take a photo.Fence Art - Port Aransas

I did have a photo of the original.

hurricane fence

I am pleased to report that the fence has been rebuilt.


Here is a shot of the one corner. The items on the new fence have for the most part been donated by residents.

Here is a longer view. That orange plastic thing on the right is a utility connection. The cover is gone, and the city ran out, and the plastic is temporary.

A close up of some of the items.

Another shot.

Pails, flip-flops, sand molds, a rake, and other trinkets that seem insignificant make up the inventory.

I love that shark shovel and the frog.

hurricane fence

Here is a photo of a piece of the…

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