I’m SICK of being sick!

This is kind of a New Year Post… except that all this month I’ve had to go for a colonoscopy, scan and finally out-patients to get my conclusive diagnosis on what sort of IBD I have. That’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease – NOT IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, although it sure felt like it!) which isn’t quite so aggressive, hence the syndrome and not disease… 😦

So – the verdict is in and it’s Colitis rather than Crohn’s disease, which, luckily is pretty manageable if you can tolerate steroids. I can (or at least I was OK with the ones I had to take for a while for respiratory reasons). I started up with them yesterday, the day after I got out of the hospital pharmacy with a humongous bag, along with some upmarket Rennies for calcium replenishment, and a great big box of miniature gunshot grit, the purpose of which I’m not too sure of. You should have seen the size of the bag they gave me!


So far, so good after 24 hours – no having to use the en-suite bog because I’m averaging some kind of evacuation roughly 4-6 times an hour. Or feeling groggy in a bad way, not the hearty tot-o-rum way and can’t be arsed to get out of my pit… ‘Nuff said about that scenario, ‘cos that’s how we got the title of this little post! 😛

Suffice to say that, having everything firmed up (in every sense), I’m feeling more like tackling 2018 and putting plans into motion that don’t involve doing bugger all, all day long! At least over the holidays (this has all been going since December 8th), the telly was quite good and SKY Cinema had some decent premieres on. Trouble is my soap and daytime TV addiction has grown to mammoth proportions, so that’s going to have to undergo some Herculean discipline to slap me back into a universe where it doesn’t interfere too badly with online time. With luck and a following wind (the fresh and zesty variety!) 😀 I’ll get back into a 60/40 habit in favour of keyboard activity to mushy TV comfort viewing pretty quickly.

Back to the lovely same old, same old!

It won’t happen overnight of course. After a 2 month break from adrenaline-filled geek time, it’ll take mega nano-seconds to get back to my normal appetite for cyber activity – hopefully not too long. Here’s my souped-up ‘must have’ schedule for the rest of 2018!

  • more community-time
  • more ‘editorial’ activity with DreamWorlds Publishing
  • making time to get back into actually writing the Haven Lands series and not just thinking about it…
  • getting off my arse and start the editorials for The Qworks anthology – this is now festering way too much and needs some TLC, not to mention massive ICU attention

That’s enough professional stuff for now – and I’m not going to impose schedules that might prove impossible to execute. Losing control of your body teaches you not to make indelible goals because the real world can bite deep into your butt and lay you low!

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