Views of the Neighborhood – A Peek at the Damage

More perspective on Hurricane Harvey – Port Aransas is getting back on its feet, but some places are still down and out… 😦

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I made a point that I was not going to show pictures of the destruction of Hurricane Harvey since I felt it to be an invasion of individual privacy. I still believe that but there are some photos that can be shown which will give you a further idea of the damage of the Hurricane. These were taken yesterday during a rainstorm but will give you an idea. Most of these businesses are going to return.

Port Aransas

These buildings have been taken down to the studs.

This is now a shell, ready for renovation

The little store on the left was severely damaged but the bike shop is open.

The damage to the store with the shark was almost total. The shark remained pretty much intact.

This used to be a liquor store and a sno cone stand

Workers repairing the roof of the Islander in the rain

The sea-captain stands alone. His…

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5 thoughts on “Views of the Neighborhood – A Peek at the Damage

    • With that, and the community spirit, it must be a great place to live – even with some way to go still, you just know they’ll get there with sunny smiles and happy thoughts. 😀


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