Views of the Neighborhood – Status of Bird Sanctuaries

Ain’t it marvellous how nature recovers itself? Some update photography of a local bird sanctuary on Mustang Island in Texas, which, despite losing tree cover has former residents flocking back to the cleaned habitats post-Harvey! 😀

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The last time we checked on the status of the bird sanctuaries they were a bit of a mess from the Hurricane Harvey. I am happy to report they are making a comeback.

Here is a photo of Paradise Pond taken shortly after the Hurricane.

Here is what it looks like today.

This is what the actual pond looked like.

Now it is cleaned up.

With a return of birds.

Many birds

Although the tree cover is gone the pond itself is filled with wildfowl

Here is a shot taken at the birding center. Off in the distance are many pink Spoonbills and white egrets. I’m sorry the photo isn’t better, but the birds were out of range.

The birding center still has no access for close up shots. The photo of the Spoonbills and Egrets was taken to the left of this destroyed walkway (which I published two months ago). The…

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