Is Light Entertainment Secretly Changing The World?

Leaving the Old Year, giving everything the finger is a time-honoured tradition in the British Isles and Eire… All I have to say is that I voted to stay in the EU, and can’t believe that such a very slight margin was ‘acted’ on immediately.
Having said that since then, the amount of ‘Great British Buffoonery with the Red Tape has been highly entertaining, if not borderline psychotic and I live in awe of what will happen next.
Tara – thank god you’re outside looking in, so you can pick up all the quirkier nuances for us that we might otherwise lose track of! 😉

Tara Sparling writes

I had considered leaving you in 2017 with an upbeat message brimming with goodwill and bonhomie.

Ha, ha! Only joking! I would never do that to you. Instead, I thought I would leave you in 2017 with a brand-new conspiracy theory, together with a strong sense of foreboding regarding the future. You can thank me later.

Is Light Entertainment Secretly Changing The World?

As we all know, as a rule, TV schedules nowadays amount to around 25% new programming, 75% repeats. At Christmas, this ratio goes to 10% / 90%. And while coasting through a plethora of repeats this Christmas, I got thinking about something I’d somehow managed to forget.

One night back in in 2013 I was also flicking through the TV channels. It was that kind of aimless flicking whereby I didn’t really have any intentions of stopping, but then something in the schedule caught my eye – or to be more precise, a pattern in the schedule caught my eye.

For those of you outside…

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