Thursday – A Little Personal – Construction

Oooh! Scary stuff, but at least with the railings going back in it means the end is in sight, presumably?
Here’s to your super-duper new look 2018 family home after a lovely, cosy Christmas, John 😀

Fiction Favorites


“You busy Boss?”

“Oh just trying to finish this chapter. But for you anything.”

“You hear all that hammering?

“Yeah, It is more construction.”

Lucy and Bailey

“These new guys?”

“Nope, the same guys as last week.”

“Well, they don’t smell the same.”

“Nothing ever smells the same, Lucy. So what are they doing out there Pops?”

“They are doing what’s called a demo of the area.”

“See the handrails leaning up against the glass?

“Yeah, Pops I see ’em.”

“They came off the sun porch.”

“Pops, come back in here. That drop is a long one.”

“Just a couple more pictures. Here is another shot of the porch.”

“An outside shot of the rails leaning and a big hole.”

“Pops. You gotta quit now.”

“Okay, I’m ready with this photo of the other end.”

“I’m back, Bailey.”

“None too soon, Pops. You had me a little nervous.”

“So you were concerned about me?”


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