Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy Has a Question

Some things are more important this time of year – like making sure that Santa has something strong to land on next week! Lucy and Bailey the Mustang Island boxers are wondering what the roofing elves are up to! 😀

Fiction Favorites

“Hey, Boss.”

“Hi, Lucy. When you stand there like that, I know there is something on your mind.”

“How do you know I do not just adore you.”

“Um. I would say I just know. So what is the question.”

“Okay, then you caught me. I was wondering if that is Santa on the roof?”

“Santa? What makes you think Santa is on the roof?”

“Tell him, Bailey.”

“Well pops. We hear the pitter patter of pretty heavy deer up there.”

“I’m always amazed how you wake up from a sound sleep and seem to know what’s going on, Bailey.”

“Boss. Come over here and take a look.”

“Lucy. I don’t have to take a look.”

“Lucy’s not kidding, pops. You should see this.”

“Can’t you just tell me?”

“It looks like a bunch of elves delivering long pieces of metal.”

“That’s because they are the roofers, you two. Remember, the…

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