DW Publishing website – the soft launch!

News on the business side of things… Read on for more news on the update of the DreamWorlds Publishing website and writer services coming up!

turning words into Worlds


Yes, a soft launch, because I’ve still got do a fair amount of updating to things that’ll take a while to fiddle with, like the DWP video, to include newer publications and upcoming projects.

By and large, though most of the pages are now up to date, including the latest 5-star reviews pages for all the books. So, while we’re quiet in the lull before Xmas (I’m planning a proper re-launch for the New Year) I’ve put all the changes on so that all who know of us can come in and have a look-see at all the new look additions.

Chief amongst these are:-

  • the Publications page to include book trailers for all the titles I’m primarily involved in. This will be one of the few new marketing services available from us – so new that I haven’t got a fee in mind…

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