Thursday – A little Personal – Daylight Savings Time

We went through this last week in UK – it makes transatlantic time zones go completely goofy as they ‘spring forward & fall back’ on different dates! Those time changes are never worth the extra hour in bed though… Last Sunday seemed so looooooooooong!

Fiction Favorites


“Hey, Boss.”

“Well, hello Lucy. You look like you have a problem.”

“Well, I certainly do. What time is it anyway?”

“It is ten minutes after four.”

“You aren’t serious? It has to be after five. My stomach is telling me it’s after five.”


“OMG. Best tell her about Daylight Savings Time, John.”

“Thanks, Stella. I think you’re right. ”

“Okay, Bos, so you and Stella have some kind of secret. How about letting me in on it?”

“We changed our clocks so that we will save daylight in the winter. Todays four o’clock was yesterday’s five o’clock.”

“Wait. I didn’t change my stomach. I’m hungry now.”


“I think you are in trouble now, John.”

“Thank you, Stella. I can handle this. Do you understand, Bailey?”


“Sure do, Pops. You humans can’t see well in the dark so you alter every nonhuman’s dinner time so that you won’t hit anything when you go…

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