Befouled 6 ~ another not so tasty excerpt…

Eiralann gut-wrenching story begins to unravel, as she tries and fails to fit in with her old kinsfolk around the campfire.

Siân Glírdan

also available on Kindle

Here we observe Eiralann’s first, catastrophic experience of culture-shock on her reunion with the Shiânfolk after her escape from the Dark God’s clutches. She discovers that, having eaten raw meat for so long during her captivity, she can no longer tolerate civilised food, even though she is starving…

They had offered her bread first, but she shook her head, dark, bloody eyes huge with hunger and fixed manically on the coneys, cooling from the fire. Sûlranna had handed one over to her, face worriedly regarding the strange red-eyed woman who seemed to be in appalled fascination with her hot supper. Her hands had been shaking almost uncontrollably as she took the skewer in both hands lest she drop it. But her control disintegrated as, insensible to the heat she had pulled the coney apart and stuffed its rump into her mouth, biting into flesh and bone like…

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