Befouled ~ 3: a small taster…

Day 3 of the BEFOULED paperback unveiling! A small taster for you from the Prologue and the creation myth…

Siân Glírdan

also available on Kindle

Busy day today involving some flat-pack assembly DIY, which is flowing into tomorrow now, as I made a BIG mistake in buying from an ‘artisan’ mail order firm, so the materials are flippin’ heavy and using the allen key is tricksy for an unmitigated left-handed bod…

Which all means that I’m left more than a little knackered and not up to much for blogging! Anyhoo – here’s a bit from the Prologue where I set up my own creation myth and introduce the chief antagonist, Lysandhor, the fallen Ainghal who becomes the Dreadful Lord of Lords, Droghdurr…

The Great Dancehad ended for a time, and the Creator called out to his Anghali and Serafali to attend him in the deep heavens.
“I am pleased with thee, my children, for we have wrought wondrous materials and stars to fill the universe. Worlds without measure, and beauty…

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5 thoughts on “Befouled ~ 3: a small taster…

    • It’s certainly inspired by Tolkien’s work, principally in the Silmarillion, Christian. 🙂 He, in turn, was inspired by creation myths from the Bible and the Nordic legendariums – nothing’s truly new, is it?! 😉

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    • No problem, Christian – I knew what you meant! 😀 I’m a venerable mega-fan of Tolkien, but some of his backstories for the Lord of the Rings and the History of Middle Earth are frustratingly vague. Befouled is basically a much more fully explored and expanded account of how Elves (and eventually Men) might have been turned into orcs! I threw in some dubious necromancy and fiendish genetic manipulation to explain the process and motivations for the whole nasty business… 😛

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