Befouled ~ has arrived! 2

Day 2 of the BEFOULED promo and a peek at how we visualised the mutilation process for the 2 central characters, Eiralann and Shianford…

Siân Glírdan

also available on Kindle

You guessed it! I’m making this Befouledweek, so today I’m focussing on my main protagonists, one of whom I mentioned in passing yesterday.

So – Eiralann is my primary protagonist and narrates most of the story to her dead husband’s kinsman, Aerghal. She’s the first of the female elven Shiânfolk to be captured by super-baddy, Garliath, in the final stages of pregnancy. This is of superlative importance to Garliath and his thoroughly evil master, the fallen Ainghal, Lysandhor/Drogdurr, as they have been having considerable difficulty in breeding their undead soldier race to retain intelligence as well as aggression and physical prowess.
The taking of Eiralann and her husband, Shiânford and their almost full-term baby girl turns the whole direction of their breeding programme, so the need for powerful, debilitating drugs and potions are no longer as important and the two demons instead resort to necromancy and genetic…

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