Something in the air…

… today and for the foreseeable into next week. Things have been kind of three steps forward, two steps back for the last 2 months. My health has not been brilliant with this persistent, irritating cough, which meant I needed a full week off the house refurb programme because I was just getting too tired of all the upheaval when I felt less than able to cope with things. This was definitely not helped by my ongoing problems with my ISP.

Long boring story short, I got a new ‘state of the art’ hub on Friday, the day when my service was due to be upgraded. It hasn’t been. I’ve installed the new router thingy, but no change with the speeds or with the connection going bye-byes at a frequently stunning rate of knots. I thought it was even worse for a few hours yesterday evening as I wasn’t getting a dial tone on my landline either… That was just down to me forgetting that I didn’t need to unplug the telephone cable from the point, just the broadband. Silly me.
I’m promised a full explanation as to why the upgrade didn’t go ahead tomorrow – watch this seething cauldron of a space for updates on that score! 😛

Anyhoo – enough of gloom and despondency in the ever-predictable ‘real’ world, for there is much to be thankful on the literary front! Starting today with the

2017 Rave Reviews Book Club Writers’ Convention and Book Expo’

Hopefully, those links will take you there as of midnight GMT today, as most of the site (apart from the paid seminars) should be open by then, to all book-loving sorts to visit the author and vendor booths and find tons of fresh new talent and reading material for the coming Holiday Season! I just have an Author Booth this time around – with everything going on here there was just no way I could commit to anything more, so this little bit of promo is my one contribution to the huge effort and enthusiasm my fellow RRBC members have put in over the last several months. Last year’s event was the first and really good fun, despite some things not going quite to plan. This year, lessons have been taken on board and improved, so do have a good shufti on the site, as it might just mean you solve all your winter festivities pressie lists in one good hit! 😉

Staying with the literary, I’ve been doing an online Writers Block Detox course with Urban Writers’ Retreat since the beginning of the month. It’s been good to have to commit to the discipline of doing ‘proper’ writing every day for at least 5 minutes and the other modules have been interesting as well, even if I’m not doing them all until the end of the course this week.
Then, next week, is the launch of Befouled, the paperback! Now, this might have to slip a little from it’s slated debut spot of All Hallows Eve (‘cos it’s about zombie elves 😛 ) due to the above dropped connection problems. This is because, as of now, it’s going to a long, slog of a job to do the uploads to Lightning Source at the less than magnificent current rate of  0.4 Mb speed. But, hey-ho! – maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day so far as the internet goes and I’ll have over a week to do all the minutiae like registering the ISBN and the National Depositories as well as getting everything onto the catalog for Amazon etc!

All in all, it’s going to be an exciting end to the month, including a little spooky private launch party in my beautiful new kitchen on the 31st!

Definitely ‘Something in the Air’!

17 thoughts on “Something in the air…

    • Hi there Billy Ray – thanks for the reciprocal visit! 😀 You certainly will see pics of the remodel very soon – I had the family around for a housewarming today so just need to tidy around a little before I do a photo blitz of all the new stuff! 😉
      Feeling much better thanks 🙂


    • Hi, Micki! I’m having a few hours ‘flop time’ this evening, but the good news is that the main cough generator is over – and my house is looking super, if a little untidy! 😛 Will be booking a season ticket to my local GP surgery as I have some assessments coming over the next couple weeks! 😉


  1. I am looking forward to reading your new book!
    Sorry your health hasn’t improved…sending healing thoughts your way.
    Your internet sounds like mine. Even with their “upgrades” it is no different. Hope you get that resolved, too.
    Good luck on the new release:)

    Liked by 1 person

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