Views of the Neighborhood – The Annual Old Town Parade

Community festivals are so vital and supportive to the spirit of the local people. John Howell’s weekly photo round-up of Port Aransas shows that Port Aransas is leaping with promise and enthusiasm for the future! 😀

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As you may know, Port Aransas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Each year there is a parade and festival honoring Port Aransas’ old town. In spite of Harvey and in spite of the devastation especially in old town, the parade and festival continued as usual. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Port Aransas Old Town Parade

This is a shot of the parade lining up to start

With two state troopers in the lead, we are off. The State Troopers who number about twenty have been an immense morale booster to the community. They can’t be thanked enough.

Two signs. The first says “Riders of the Storm and the second says “Tell Your Harvey Story,” and a link to do that.

This is a fire truck from Buda, a town near Austin.

A bunch of golf carts with Port A Proud signs.

A big float with the same message.

Here is a resident on…

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