When Anxiety Whispers. Have we forgotten how to be human? #Living with stress. #RRBC #PTSD #STRESS

Must read article from Soooz – I’m having major tech problems today so must be content to reblog & spread this around a bit. Will reply more perntinently in a couple of days when my broadband goes superfast… yeah, right! We must live in hope anyway! 😀

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.

ANXIETY WHISPERSWhen Anxiety Whispers.

We all hear those dark whispers, those paralyzing moments of anxiety. It comes with the territory of living in a society set on fast forward when the pace of everyday life becomes so frantic, so overwhelming, that we begin of necessity to sacrifice something intrinsic and necessary within us.
The days we live now are filled with the marvelous inventions of the internet, but has the pace of our knowledge grown beyond our capacity to understand its repercussions?

I make full use of everything available to me and, yes, I am grateful for the brilliant minds that opened my small world up to so much more than I’ve ever dreamed of. I acknowledge that connectivity, I understand that we are living in an age where no one need be isolated, those folks too shy or encumbered by ill health either physical or mental to be able to…

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4 thoughts on “When Anxiety Whispers. Have we forgotten how to be human? #Living with stress. #RRBC #PTSD #STRESS

      • 😊I hear you, my friend! Yesterday we finally had the National Broadband connection activate after 7 long months of daily headaches with our ridiculously slow internet provider. The time I’m saving is awesome. Fingers crossed all goes well, Jan.❤️️


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