Rolling in on a wave of validation (and visual satiation)!

Don’t expect too much action immediately – but things are coming together for online activity and getting the house all ship-shape! Sian spills the beans for me! 😀

Siân Glírdan

Goggle image capture I drastically manipulated in 2008 for a birthday card for my surfer-dude nephew!

For those of you who drop in here semi-regularly (semi, because I’m not in here that regularly myself!)… I’m sort of back!

Today was the day that my internet provider finally deigned to send a competent tech engineer who understands outdoor cabling in this region (a very rare bird indeed!). He’s not only fiddled with my connection settings so I don’t get booted off the internet every 5 minutes or less – he’s confirmed something that’s been completely awry with my broadband for the last 2 years...!

I say the former (staying online all the time) whilst touching wood, as I’m not quite out of the woods yet, BUT, the fault that’s been closed and immediately re-opened for the last several weeks has finally been identified, nailed to my internet providers’ corporate…

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