There’s A New Villain In Book Land, And It’s An Old One

More received wisdom from Ms Sparling – as a connoisseur of blockbusters of yesteryear (especially the saucy ones like The Carpetbaggers and Valley of the Dolls…) 😛 I’m all for delving into the voluptuous pre-classics of the ’60s ’70s & ’80s 😀

Tara Sparling writes

People familiar with this blog already might think that all I do all day is sit around thinking of things to make authors feel depressed.

They’d be right, but that’s not important.

What is important is that late last night, I suddenly found a new way of expressing an old complaint. I think we can all agree that this is a red-letter day indeed.

The latest villain on the scene – according to yet another of my incontrovertibly and scientifically accurate studies of myself – is here as a result of e-books, but is not in itself the e-book. Neither is it the cheap e-book, which has been maligned from here to the outer reaches of the internet (i.e. newspapers) and back.There’s A New Villain In Book Land, And It’s An Old One

Just Who Is This Dastardly Foe?

Over the past year or so, I’ve been reading old blockbusters. And can I just say, it’s been mighty. Readers who have been hanging around this parish for…

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