Changing day…

… is a little late this month. Nothing unusual in that as I generally take a day or so to re-do the backgrounds and palettes for a new month, but these past few weeks I’ve been decidedly below par and so energy levels have been low to match.
This is not to say there’s nothing going on here – far from it! The house refurbishment is going on apace, and we’re now entering the final phase of the planned projects for this year. The major elements of the kitchen are all in place now, and it’s looking really great, pending the final touches of paint, new tiling and flooring, which should all be done in the next few weeks, starting tomorrow! The rest of the living room decor should also be going in soon, so, come mid-Autumn we should be looking pretty much complete. 😀

So, today it’s high time to change the palettes and backgrounds. Now, if you’re a regular, you may already know that I’ve been using some of my court card tarot designs to go with the King of Swords banner at the top of the page. This time of year, when the harvest is being gathered, and the fields are being returned to dormancy before next year’s planting, I thought it was time to trot out the Queen of the Wands.

Now, to keep in with the fantasy theme of the deck, I’m making a female Phoenix the focus of the imagery, with a burning nest! The fiery colours match the season to come and is also a nod towards endings and new beginnings. Entering this final phase of home improvement means that I’m spending money like water (nothing new there!), but I’m also looking to up my game and get more organised with DreamWorlds Publishing. Hence the rebirth fixation… 😛

So – here’s to a little more dynamism and activity coming along on here, and in other places as we head towards the close of the year. Lots of nurturing, tending and fruition of plans and schemes for a more abundant and fertile future – and a whole heap of new home comforts and outlooks.

Did I mention that the garden’s getting a makeover too? 😛 More about that later in the month! 😉

8 thoughts on “Changing day…

  1. Beautiful artwork. It really fits the feel of autumn. That is a lot of things going on in your house! I like the idea of a more abundant and fertile future:)

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