WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour ~ Yvette Calleiro (1)

August is called the silly season in the UK – mainly because the government and law courts go on their  annual holidays, and so the news media are grubbing around for any ‘human interest’ happenings right up until the upper classes are tired of chasing around after grouse with their shotguns and the schools go back in September…

For  us mere mortals – well, we’re more likely to be on the lookout for a great book or two to hold our attention as we grab some well-deserved timeout by the pool, or recovering from sight-seeing, games on the beach, or just lazing around in the garden, if you’re still at home rather than away! Well, this August, finding your new favourite author is going to get a whole lot easier, because


has put together an August-long blog tour showcasing a different

RWISA (Rave Writers – International Society of Authors)

author every single day! To kick off, we have the lovely Yvette Calleiro, author of The Chronicles of the Diasodz young adult fantasy series.
(Be sure to click the link at the end of this piece for more information about Yvette and her work)


By Yvette M Calleiro


The written word and I

Are cherished friends,

Embracing each other’s thoughts and emotions

Like kindred spirits,

Dancing on clouds.

Bosom buddies who gossip and giggle

And gasp at all the same moments.

She and I are equals,

More than that, really.

We are two parts of a whole,

Complementing and complimenting the other,

Perfect beings.


The spoken word and I

Skirt around each other’s social circles.

We stumble around awkward pauses,

Unable to pull the perfect word or phrase

From our filing cabinet of knowledge.

Ease and grace flee without a moment’s notice.

She is more skilled than I.

She whispers her intricately woven ideas into my mind,

But her delicate strength is no match for

The hills of anxiety and the mountains of insecurity

That obstruct her path to freedom.

Before her words can reach my tongue,

They unravel into shreds of confusion,

Left unspoken.


If only the written word and the spoken word

Could meet…

They would live in perfect harmony.

But alas…

It is not meant to be,

Neither willing to leave her domain,

Each content to dance alone,

And I…

I am stuck in the middle,

Pulled in both directions,

Reveling in the comfort of the written word,

Needing the spoken word to survive.

But still I dream

Of the day when my words will intermingle

And a new love affair can be born.

Thank you for supporting this member along the WATCH “RWISA WRITE Showcase Tour today!  We ask that if you have enjoyed this member’s writing, to please visit their Author Page on the RWISA site, where you can find more of their writing, along with their contact and social media links, if they’ve turned you into a fan.  WE ask that you also check out their books in the RWISA or RRBC catalogs.  Thanks, again for your support and we hope that you will follow each member along this amazing tour of talent!  Don’t forget to click the link below to learn more about this author:

Yvette Calleiro’s RWISA Author Page


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