Hi – I’m BACK!!!

Old tune, new words! I’ve been back online for about half a week since my enforced exile with an icky-dicky wi-fi connection, but it’s taken a while for me to get caught up, so today is the first day I’ve felt like things are more or less back to normal. Or whatever passes for normal  ’round these here parts! 😎

I’m definitely of the ‘everything happens for a reason’ school of thought, and the time-out, however frustrating it may have been, has been good for going back to those ‘humdrum’, non-techie things that I used to make time for. Somehow I forgot how much I enjoyed them and rarely made an effort to get away from the keyboard and the lure of diving into the blogosphere. One thing I have decided while I’ve been away is that I’m not going to be networking on the post-dinner session anymore.

Part of the reason for this is because Season 7 of Game of Thrones starts at the end of this weekend, and like most GoT geeks, I’ve been pigging out on all the previous box sets since the beginning of June.

Until that is, my wi-fi problem zapped my downloading programme in the middle of Season 2…  By then, however, I was heavily into hand-hemming some bespoke curtain material for the soon to be re-vamped ‘living space’, and so it was easy to revert to the old-tech recording that didn’t bust the download memory bank wide open. Hand sewing, embroidery and knitting are handicrafts that I’ve always quite liked, and just doing some tacking and running stitching on the lovely patterned voile I’ve had specially made while watching The Handmaid’s Tale, Poldark, Dr Who, etc., etc., was truly calming and satisfying.

Ditto, finally getting to grips with printing and hand-cutting some tarot decks. I’d committed to making these as prizes for a block party tour and also enjoyed the activity, despite my having a tumultuous time with the spiffy new printer. This was supposed to be able to handle the thicker paper stock I was using – and didn’t, ‘cos it decided it still didn’t like the mongrel paper I’d chosen and it wanted ‘proper’ Hewlett Packard quires… Suffice it to say that it chewed up and spoiled as much as it managed to churn out properly, but at least the ones that did make it through the printer look beautiful now. HP does NOT make the type of treated acetate paper I wanted to use of course, so I’m never going to use this stock in that printer again, as it’s a total waste of paper, not to mention grating on the aesthetic nerves. More calls on the leftover equity release bonanza money, but I do want a better quality printer anyway, so maybe a laserjet will make it into the Green Room yet! 😀

Anyway – nose back to the grindstone to get this published before dinner. 🙂 Then I’m off to continue with Season 2 with the Battle of Blackwater to look forward to very soon, and last nights Handmaid’s Tale, after I’ve bought a membership for the 2018 Discworld Convention and knocked off online for the evening.

I really did miss my interweb existence, and, most of all of you, my online friends, naturally, but I’m glad I also got back in touch with other enjoyable pursuits and will be taking life at a slower pace from now on! 😉

25 thoughts on “Hi – I’m BACK!!!

  1. Welcome back, Jan! I’ve been in the same place and have enjoyed the extra time on my hands, too–until I didn’t 🙂 I have an old fancy printer collecting dust wait to do all those thing I imagined and probably will have same issues. Yes, time for new season of Game of Thrones and Jon Snow.

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    • Now I’m really back DL I wonder how I crammed everything in before! 😛
      As for GoT – I’m wondering which of the Fantastic Four (Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys & Bran) will make it through this series to the last one ever! *nibbling fingernails as I type* – not an easy thing to achieve! 😎


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