I live in hope…

Why I’ve not been around much lately…. 😎

Siân Glírdan

that full broadband connectivity will be restored mid week!

this is in New Zealand, but we have similar outcroppings on Bodmin Moor – not that I could perch on top of it like this guy! LOL

AH! – the joys of  ‘superfast’ broadband use in rural Cornwall… The reason I’ve been so quiet on here lately is that my dedicated wi-fi router has gone kaput and I’ve had to rely on accessing the interweb via my tablet using a public wi-fi network, which has patchy connection that is infuriatingly slooooooooooow…

This all went pear-shaped on the 21st June, which co-incidentally, as well as being the summer solstice, was also the hottest June day since UK records began. Soooo – I was fairly sanguine when I started the long tedious fault reporting process with BT (my ISP) the following day, using guest wi-fi at a v. posh restaurant lounge bar on…

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