The joys of a hand to mouth existence…

We’re temporarily borassic! I’ll let Sian explain as she’s found a better image on penury…

Siân Glírdan

… don’t make for pretty reading, but it is an interesting state to experience once in a while, so you can legitimately claim to be a writer starving in a garret! *mutters bitterly and at length*

I’m a long way from starvation (obviously), but I do have a ‘cashflow problem’ just now which means I’m maxed out on plastic and online, with only 60 quid in my wallet. The latter will be eaten up (har! har!) tomorrow by petrol money and a good blowout at a local restaurant to celebrate what would have been my 41st wedding anniversary with some friends.
The irony is that this is only a temporary blip as I have $100+ going into PayPal, my pension coming in tomorrow (or next week – not sure if it’s this Friday or next…) and, once my solicitors put a rocket up someone else’s bloody solicitors to get on…

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