Here is my interview with Jan Hawke

Little linkie to an interview I just did with the doyenne of author interviews – Fiona McVie on AuthorInterviews!
Thanks for giving me some really meaty questions to wax lyrical about, Fiona ❤


Jan Hawke – but I have a pen name I’m using more now (Siân Glírdan)

59 in June!

Where are you from:
Born in Plymouth, Devon & back in N. Cornwall since 2003 after living in the Home Counties since I got married at the ridiculous age of 17.

A little about yourself `ie your education Family life etc:
I’m a widow, the oldest of 4 sisters. Despite being in the top stream at a Catholic grammar school, my early academic career stopped at ‘O’ Levels as I had no ambitions to go to college and just wanted to get on with my adult life and start earning some money! I blame the nuns mostly, but hormones were a big factor to be entirely truthful.
I spent most of my working life with the Ministry of Justice, mainly in the family courts, so I know a fair bit about…

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