The writer’s rollercoaster

Ain’t this the truth… There’s a downside to everything of course – this is what forgiveness is all about. And learning to strive not to make the same mistakes again, because there are loads more new ones lining up to be made!
Actually, strike that – some of the greatest things in life began because of mistakes or ‘accidents’. Hold out for eventual serendipity I says! 😉

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


I recently came into contact with a writer. Nothing unusual about that around here, but this wasn’t through blogging or any of the usual channels. We talked for a while, establishing that there were a whole load of coincidences leading up to our encounter, which seemed to break the social ice… and then we got down to talking about writing.

For a number of reasons, this writer had lost confidence in the book they had published… a first novel with what sounded like a great plot. Having read a fair bit of it, I could see the effort that had gone in to producing a gripping story and a well-presented book. The writer, though, had noticed the minor flaws and, as such things do, they had taken over, dulling what should have been justifiable pride.

I remember both those feelings vividly… that moment when you finally hold your first book…

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