Word power in wind and water…

swept through Washington today. Right into the Oval Office unfortunately for some. Not for everyone of course. I’m sure that President Trump’s followers who’ve placed themselves willingly in the tidal current were very pleased to hear what he had to say in his inaugural speech. Even though they’ve heard it all before.
And even as the colours of the new administration were brought out and, naturally, went very well with the stars and stripes, there were many who could be forgiven for wondering if this torrent of wind and water was of the kind that is best contained in the bathroom plumbing…

I promise I won’t go political on you. Trump is the duly elected, and now, incumbent President. People voted for him, rather than the alternative. So no talk of percentages, nor other semantics, because they don’t matter now. He got in. What worries me is that the most influential nation on the planet now has a plutocrat fox in the henhouse on Capitol Hill. Actually, I’m beginning to think it’s even worse than that.
They’ve opened up the sluice gates from those Shining Seas and let a Great White Shark swim right on in. The trouble with sharks is, that once they scent blood, more turn up. The President is not a politician, he’s a successful businessman. Very successful. He’s sticking to his electoral ticket and vilifying politicians, so, of course, he’s not appointing politicians to his general staff. He’s appointing his relations. And his friends and colleagues, who are also successful businessman.

The Presidential speech will be sending out all kinds of ripples far beyond the ‘cesspool on the Potomac’ tonight (thank you, Lisa Simpson for the analogy!). The effect of Trump’s words of power still remains to be seen. Let’s hope that the USA has listened carefully to his promises, and are even more careful about watching how he goes about delivering on them.
The rest of the world has heard him too. I nearly turned off the TV when they came on this afternoon, but I knew that this would be an important moment, so I didn’t. I listened as the new President fulsomely thanked the outgoing one and thought that was generous and well-mannered. And then he went right back to his full-on campaigning muck-spreading. But the words were bright and strong and penetrating and everyone was listening, not just in the US, but all around the world.

There is power in words, which is why I’m blogging about this and not sitting on my thumbs, trying to be cynical and keep my own space clear of the foul flood water… When you speak words of power, people pay attention to them. Make sure that you can stand by them when people hold you to account for what you have said.
I didn’t like the President’s words. Others will have different views and are entitled to them. But they are spoken. Let’s all hope that we can endure for as long as four years for the repercussions of those words to come home to roost, for good or ill.

16 thoughts on “Word power in wind and water…

  1. Very well written piece. Thing is, the repercussions will be felt all around the world and last a lot longer than the term of his office. All the good work of previous presidents undone just like that. I think the people of America who voted for him are going to get more than they bargained for… and not in a good way.

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    • I know – it was just like those spaghetti worms in a can from the joke shop. Or even worse, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
      His speeches are like 1984 – 33 years too late. He may have it in for politicians, but he’s been a prodigy of Newspeak.all his life. 😦


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