Winter Fire Festival shenanigans…

Well – it’s nearly time for supper here in Cornwall on the 23rd. All hatches have been battened down as Storm Barbara continues on her wet and very windy way north-east and upcountry, so I’m looking forward to winding down this evening with some Irish coffee and mince pies after devouring the stew that’s been quieting simmering away, driving my tastebuds crazy all afternoon!

So – please play the video, which is serving as my very personal eYule card this year! 😀 I won’t be around too much over the holidays as 2016 has been hectic and mostly very happy, so I’m taking a bit of a break from cyberspace while I can. Of course I’ll still be on the keyboard, getting the blogs, websites and books spruced for a new and hopefully more personal 2017, where I’ll be getting serious (not too serious though – that would never do!) about writing and spending more time growing DreamWorlds Publishing and writing properly on the new fantasy series, the first volume of which should come out later next year.

Toby and I hope all your winter (or summer, for those of you in the antipodes! 😉 ) festivals, whatever you choose to call them, are warm, loving and snug, and full of family, friends and glittering hospitality and gifts.

Yes! I did put up the Xmas tree!

See y’all next year!

16 thoughts on “Winter Fire Festival shenanigans…

    • Ahh! – the joy of tech!!! 😛 I know just how you feel, Micki – I grappled with a so-called Pro tablet courtesy of Mr. Gates last year and it’s still proving most temperamental, although I have at least got the all the apps I need to make it do most of the things I want it to do when I’m ‘on the road’.
      I hope your 2017 is kinder and takes you to good places (((((Micki))))) ❤


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