Finally! I’m IN…

… actually I’m been in since Wednesday, but winter torpor has crept in after all the excitement with the RRBC conference last weekend, so I’ve been wagging off a lot.


Soooo – first off, let’s show that I really am there! And here’s the 4 corners…

study4 study3study2 study1

You might be able to see that I’ve got the printer in finally – for someone whose main work experience was tied into print publishing as part of a forms design department, you’ll probably realise that being without it was a big wrench, even though it was only for a few weeks. Luckily it’s in just in time for the festering season so all in all it’s worked out pretty well.

I’m super-pleased with the whole room – it’s going to make a big difference to my daily life being able to have all the trappings of my passions in the same lovely and me-friendly space. I’m having a New Year ‘takeaway’ party next – an excuse to put up the xmas tree, but also to have a giveaway of the surplus furniture that’s now cluttering up my living room, in anticipation of phase two of the ‘remodelling’ of the lounge and kitchen into an open plan layout. This time next year, folks – I’ll have a new house almost! 😉

I should be in to post before the 25th, but I don’t, or you’ve got plans too and can’t come back,  Seasons Greetings and may your god(s) bless you this Yuletide! 😀


Happy Hogswatch everyone! This is the Discworld version of Yule where the Hogfather delivers bloody bones to the girls and boys who haven’t been nice! If you look at the festive background wallpaper, you’ll see the more recognisable snow-scene 😉

22 thoughts on “Finally! I’m IN…

    • Thanks Beem – trouble with remodelling is that the new stuff shows up how the regular stuff aren’t up to scratch any more… 2017 will see all the living areas brought up to spec after the bank manager has been given a good schmoozing! 😉

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      • Ah! Back too late from Mum’s and the light’s gone (desk lamp only in the study! 😉 ). Tomorrow I promise! 🙂
        Yep – the desk and bookcases are bespoke and cost a small fortune. Well worth it though, as everything tucks away nicely now I have another hole in the PC tower cupboard that was mis-specified and delayed the printer moving in until the other day 😀


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