#RRBC – are YOU ready for this?

It’s THAT time of year again… Yes, you know the one – where our credit cards get battle fatigue and shopping malls are all gaudy and loud with the sound of sleigh bells and such-like?

This Festive Season you have an alternative to THIS…

(it took us ages to find a vid of this without curse words and excessive blood and gore…)

For writers, the winter holiday season can be both heaven and hell… This winter however, there’s a game changer for all indie book fans and writers, old and new –

the RRBC Writers Conference & Book Expo!

Imagine it – a place where everyone, writers, editors, illustrators, reviewers, publishers, typesetters, booksellers and readers can get together socially, talk about books, watch videos about books, find out how to write better books and buy book presents!

Scratch that – you don’t have to imagine it at all, because we’ve done it for you already!

This Winter Holiday – immerse yourself in a World of Books

meet new favourite authors and find new reads…

find the perfect writing service…

sharpen up your writing skills…

get seen on the book scene!

1st to 3rd December 2016 ~ registration open until 23rd November!

You DON’T have to belong to Rave Reviews Book Club to go to the conference – it’s open to EVERYONE!

whether you’re shopping for presents, networking or looking to learn a things or two – everyone’s welcome!

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