Benji – my gentle doggie Spirit in the Sky


Benji’s on the right with his usual sad, soppy expression. Toby was very fond of him and they cuddled a fair bit.

I’ll keep this short and (like Benji) very sweet and soft. He wasn’t feeling very well and, I think, had been trying to tell me for several days that he was really fed up and tired. So yesterday afternoon I took him to the vets to find out whether he was still losing weight and was already prepared for leaving without him. I stayed with him as he slipped away, and sat with him for a little while longer until I could face leaving him.
I had the extreme pleasure of sharing his long life (he was 16 years old which is ancient for a collie-springer cross) for nearly 4 years. Toby and I miss him like mad, but he’ll be coming back home soon, and will join his Dad out in the garden.

He’s gone to the right place, at the right time, before it became too painful for all of us. I expect he’s putting up pheasants and chasing rabbits in doggie heaven right now, and going for a long walkies with Pete.

Here’s some music to cheer me up more than anything – farewell my lovely.❤ Benji! ❤

It’s not the classic version, but it is the most seasonal!

19 thoughts on “Benji – my gentle doggie Spirit in the Sky

  1. Oh Jan, I know how heartbreaking losing a special pet can be. They give us so much unconditional love and devotion in such a short life span. After Losing my Remington, the smartest golden Lab I ever met, I said no more dogs–to hard. Now I lost my Toby, the 21 year old cat who wrote my last book and it’s no more cats for me either, I just can’t stand losing them.

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    • I’m grateful toi still have my Toby (the other dog in the photo with Benji) who I’ll have for a good few more years I hope. I know what you mean though, Micki – it doesn’t get any easier, especially if you’re growing older with them too.
      Am waiting for a couple of months to see if we need to get Toby another friend – if so it’ll be a smaller dog that I can handle better as it was getting hard for me to lift Benji even though he’df lost so much weight.
      Thanks for the kind thoughts. 😀


  2. Oh, Jan … I am so sad for you. Our fur babies are part of our family, Losing one is never easy, but the memories are always sweet and they never leave us. How lucky Benji was to have had you in his long life. His Spirit in the sky will smile peacefully on you.💗

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