Hey – it’s #RRBC #PUSHTUESDAY & the Spotlight’s on LARRY HYATT!

Every Tuesday #RRBC celebrates one of our most supportive members by tweeting like mad about them and their book(s)… Today it’s the turn of veteran radio broadcaster, comedian, all-round entertainer and author LARRY HYATT  to step up onto the platform for a super day in the sun that lasts all week! 😀


61x5aydugwl-_ux250_Since the age of five I’ve been a performer. I’ve written radio comedy, sketch comedy and plays, produced television and radio, worked as a creative director for an arts and entertainment magazine, and published numerous humorous articles and essays. Add appearing in operas, musicals, and a movie, and one would wonder how someone who has entertained so much, has so little. Well, I’ll tell you…but wait, that would be stupid, because I wrote the book on having what it takes, and now want you to buy my book on knowing what it doesn’t.
I didn’t want to write the worn out story of a celebrity induced rise and fall. This is a comedic “never risen,” written to inspire, teach, and explain that the paths of dreamers take many turns, go winding through many roads, but ultimately detour, to the highway of your heart.

& MY  4.5 STAR AMAZON REVIEW of his book
How to Reach for the American Dream (And Not Get It!)

51icmnevshl-_uy250_Once again I lament the lack of fractional stars, because this would definitely get a 4.5 from me. This book delivers – it does what it says it’s going to do. Chasing dreams isn’t for the faint-hearted, or those who give up easily. Larry Hyatt’s journey is full-on, funny and at times frantic, but always honest and gutsy.
Memoirs are sometimes seen as an easy option by non-writers – after all, how hard can it be to write about something you know all about and are the world expert on? Well, this one isn’t a ‘celebrity’ spill-all from a 20-something clothes horse who looks pretty and can kind of hold a tune most of the time, whose 15-minutes-of-fame story has been dangled out by their PR gurus for the highest-bidding publishing house to ghost-hack. No. This is written by a real, honest to goodness, veteran entertainer, who has tasted the tantalising heights of glory, the dregs of ashes, not to mention tobacco, liquor and creative highs and lows. Larry Hyatt may say that he’s reached out for the American Dream and NOT got it, but he’s had a hell of a lot of laughs, tumbles, adventures and trials, pursuing it with vigour and tenacity, as well as giggles and starry eyes. What he’s lost in fame and fortune (although they’ve been there at times), he’s more than made up for it in experience, friendships and spirit. I dare you to read about his unpredictable, and most joyous journey, without smiling most of time and even shedding a tear in places.
Good on you Larry – nobody can say your glass was ever half empty, because you were always ready to raise it in a toast to a life lived to the full, and always with a hopeful heart! I enjoyed the romp through your blazingly colourful life immensely.

Get to know Larry Better!


His Blog – Hy Hatt



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