BOOK REVIEW: It Begins and Ends with Family. Author Jo Ann Wentzel.

am re-blogging this interview and review because this book deserves to be read by the widest possible audience. The world we live in today is not a kind one. People like Jo Ann Wentzel and her husband, who give so much to the children who have had the worst of starts in life need and deserve to have their voices and their stories heard, if only to give hope for the future of humankind.

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Let’s meet the author!


For several decades in addition to other jobs, I wrote. Mainly non -fiction for many online websites and several in print places. I worked for weekly newspapers. I was involved in Parenting Today’s Teen in a couple capacities. I was a Small Business Examiner and also wrote articles for rescue pets at the Examiner. I wrote for Helium, Associated Content, Suite 101 where I specialized in party and holiday articles. I covered many topics but many of my articles were parenting ones many geared towards foster parents. I also wrote a non -fiction book about our many years as foster parents and working with clients and young people and their families. It Begins and Ends with Family is available as an e-book on Amazon. The print format will also be on Amazon in a couple days. You can get it right now at Create Space.


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6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: It Begins and Ends with Family. Author Jo Ann Wentzel.

    • Me too Micki! 😀 I’ve been wicked busy these last 2 months with moving my ‘office’ into a purpose built room, but I’m nearly at the final hurdle and Jo Ann’s book will be right at the top of my TBR once I’m over that hump:-)


  1. Thanks for reblogging my post, Jan. Books such as this need to be read. The more folks understand that not all children have a safe and secure environment, the more loving people will do as Jo Anne and her family did. It is a marvelous and inspiring book. It offers a light of hope.

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    • They certainly do need to reach as many as are able to listen. Child abuse of any kind is a blight that needs to be recognised and remedied – even if we can never totally beat it we can make sure that help and hope is always there when needed most.

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      • 💗 Yes. Inhuman acts against the most helpless of our humans must stop. The damage and its resultant carry over to the future of our species must never be underestimated. ( I have just read Milele) I know you understand. 🌻

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      • Only too well Sooz, which why I’m so in awe of Jo Ann’s work in helping individual souls recover and start over with fresh hope for their future. Thank you also for reading and ‘getting’ Milele Safari – it’s a story (well really a collection of stories) close to my heart, about the business of being human, and interacting one on one with each other, despite what politics and prejudice do to make us far worse than any other bestial animal on the planet.


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